Show Recap for Tuesday 3/24/2015

Holy motherfucking crap do I hate the update on the SiriusXM app!!! So annoying!!! I don’t care what any of them say!!! I mean..Andrew the Giant sounded like he was reading off a cue card as he talked about it at the end of the show (while simultaneously blowing SiriusXM) and Will was all ‘it’s so much better it just takes getting used to’ and I’m all I DONT FUCKING CARE BECAUSE I CANT GET USED TO IT BECAUSE IT CRASHES EVERY TEN GODDAMN MINUTES!!! I tried deleting it and re-installing and it didn’t help. Is there an update with a big fix for the update? Ugh! Alright..I got it out. I think I’m done. I did manage to grin and bear it and not chuck my phone across the room and listen to most of the show, just only missing bits and bobs here and there because the fricking app hated me (and most other people) today.

Welcome to the Wow, Holy Shit Ellis is more intense than the satisfying appetizer that he intended to be Show Recap on this wonderful Tuesday! I’m here to tell you what Ellis to Continue reading