Creepy Weekend Contest


Schumacher in his glory.

This nostalgic and entertaining clip from 2011 is a classic example of just how good the show was with little to no professional support, no professional producer, and literally flying by the seat the of their pants. The contest was for everyone to do something “creepy” over the weekend and anonymously write down what they did. Everyone was then tasked with guessing who did what as each instance was read. It wasn’t only hilarious, but in hind sight, it gave us an introduction into Will’s world. Little did anyone realize the door that was left cracked open would eventually allow the escape for more stories and a one-man band fueled with a plethora of songs – HATEBEAN! Will wasn’t the only one with a disturbingly hilarious entry in the contest though, intern Schumacher also revealed what could only be described as a perverted, depraved, sexual fetish that might scare the average person – but not the average Jason Ellis Show listener. And of course Rawdog’s entry involved nipple play – no spoiler alert required. Enjoy.

The 1st Annual Reverse Awards – 8/11 (History)

Rumor has it there will soon be a 2nd Annual Reverse Awards. Let’s listen back to the first Reverse Awards. (The audio quality isn’t the best because SXM was upgrading their online player at the time.)

Nominations – 8/2/11

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The 1st Annual Reverse Awards – 8/26/11

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Tranny Olympics Week – Day 4 – Big Cock Karaoke


Day 4 of the Tranny Olympics takes place on the eve of Ellismania 6: November Pain. The place is The Roxy in Hollywood, CA and our trusty tranny is once again Foxxy. Go!

Big Cock Karaoke – 11/5/10

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Cumtard’s 1st appearance (and Schumacher gets hired) – 3/14/11 (History)

Today was Kevin’s last day on the show and he’ll be missed. Let’s go back and listen to his 1st appearance on the show. Coincidentally, it also happened to be the day Schumacher got picked to be J.Ellis’s new personal assistant. Enjoy!

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Bonus: For history’s sake, Kevin’s 1st day was March 9th, 2011

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