Show Recap for Tuesday 12/16/14

Hey there all you lovely fucks!!!! I had some serious Sirius issues today, so I’m gonna warn you now that this is only like 80% of a recap of what went on today but It figured that 80% is wayyyyyyy better than 0% so I’m writing it anyway!!!!! And if you don’t like that, then you can go right ahead and fuck yourself :D


Ellis is in the studio today, and yeah, that’s about it because, man, is his ass giving him all sorts of problems. But he made it in today and therefore we will all rejoice and listen to whatever Ellis is going to tell us all about his hole. It’s everything, guys, he tells us wonderful and dedicated listeners everything about what is going on with his ass (and if you’re a lucky member of Official Jason Ellis you can even go to the website and get a look into his hole, thanks to the ever-lovely Katie) and man, he has some ass issues. He Ellis apologized a few times about talking about his ass in so much detail for those whoso cup of tea is not a grown man’s bleeding asshole…but this is his show and his life and he’s going to talk about the bleeding, rotting, death Continue reading

Show recap for Tuesday 12/9/2014

It’s Tuesday so shutttttttt uppppppp….cause, you know, that’s how you talk to the ladies when things are getting all hot and sweaty, and you know it’s gotta be true because Ellis said and i am repeating it (and in case you forgot, I am thoroughly female with the nudes to prove it). Moving right along those sexy lines, Ellis has a sweet exploded hemorrhoid flap on his butt and damn, who doesn’t want to lick that and taste his sweet sweet tart ass? Ugh…writing that sentence was kind if terrible and I think I should apologize for you having read it. I’m sorry. That I’m not sorry. Because I have the power and you wanted to know what went on in the show and this is what happened!! It’s not my fault that Ellis is super honest and would like to share Continue reading