Show Recap for Tuesday 10/21/2014

I’m gonna get right into it just like Big Daddy J did today and, oh, Hey there Adam Snyder of the New York Giants in the studio today. Can you say #boomsfordays? At least that’s what i think one who follows football and likes the Giants would say….i mean… would it kill them to get a hockey player on? Whatever, anyway,  Adam Snyder has a huge face, but that’s prolly because he is a huge guy and huge people would look really weird if they had stopped tiny faces. Neil Diamond is at the SiriusXM studios in NY today which means that TJES has been displaced from the studio where they broadcast from yesterday, and occasionally treats them to the Diamond man walking past every now and again and Ellis and Tully shouting questions at him as he walked past for super quick and impromptu interviews.

NY pissed Ellis off today… he woke up early from a nightmare and was awake for an hour before falling back asleep and then waking up and deciding to get breakfast with Katie, and got sent to Shit Fuck Puke Potatoes Continue reading