Show Re-Cap for Friday, 9/27/2013

Welcome to the Friday recap, sort of. Ellis is out with dick blood problems and had to go see a doctor. Tully tweeted, “FYI – No show today (Ongoing blood piss, janky phones, vomiting babies, hordes of locusts, etc.) Sorry – enjoy Best Of – see you Monday.” So instead of recaping bits and pieces of shit that I/we have already recapped, I will tell you about my day.

So this morning I got dressed for the day and did my morning streaches.

batmanThen I went to work ready for a hard day of work stuff.

excitedwhile at work I managed to Instagram a few pictures expressing my religious beliefs.

magic jesusAnd as 12:00 came I waited patiently for the best part of my day, The Jason Ellis Show

go onOnly to find out it is a Best Of because Jason is still raining blood from his johnson.

no show





Show Re-cap For Wednesday 9/26/2012

You guessed it, its not a glitch in the Matrix, New York got the show all fuckered up again so we were gifted with another Best of Ellis. Cullen must be working overtime. But no worries, I found these to properly explain my emotions. Enjoy.

First I was angry

Then I broke shit!

Then I ran hysterically, in women’s underwear.

Then Burt saw Ernie’s test results from the clinic.


“Slingin’ Cream” On Rude Jude’s “Hate It or Love It” – 7/11/12

UPDATE: Backbone to the rescue! Cullen inserted the missing Shade 45 audio for a “Best of” show.

Download (link to MP3)

After some audio issues, Shade 45’s Rude Jude & Lord Sear ‘All Out Show’ was simulcast on Faction 41’s ‘Jason Ellis Show’. Here is the feedback Rawdog received for “Slingin’ Cream” from the Shade 45 audience.

Download (link to MP3)