Show Re-Cap for Friday, 9/27/2013

Welcome to the Friday recap, sort of. Ellis is out with dick blood problems and had to go see a doctor. Tully tweeted, “FYI – No show today (Ongoing blood piss, janky phones, vomiting babies, hordes of locusts, etc.) Sorry – enjoy Best Of – see you Monday.” So instead of recaping bits and pieces of shit that I/we have already recapped, I will tell you about my day.

So this morning I got dressed for the day and did my morning streaches.

batmanThen I went to work ready for a hard day of work stuff.

excitedwhile at work I managed to Instagram a few pictures expressing my religious beliefs.

magic jesusAnd as 12:00 came I waited patiently for the best part of my day, The Jason Ellis Show

go onOnly to find out it is a Best Of because Jason is still raining blood from his johnson.

no show





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