Show Re-cap For Thursday 10/4/2012

‘Murica! Fightin’, fuckin’, arrestin’, smokin’, snortin’, shootin’ All that cool shit.

It’s 10-4, good buddies! Breaker, breaker, we got an ass shaker at mile marker fuck you. Ellis has been teaching Katie how to do a somersault off the diving board and into the pool, apparently she’s pretty bad at them. You know how Travis Pastrana wanted to fight Dave Mirra? Yea, well, now Pastrana’s wife doesn’t want him to fight Mirra because she’s scared for Mirra. Tully was going to enter FMX at X-Games, but his wife didn’t want him to because she was scared he would embarrass Pastrana. As Tully says, excuses are like assholes, they are delicious. Ellis had to call the po-po yesterday, he was picking up Snook from school and some little drunk Mexican dude came up to him talking gibberish. Dude was sketchy and trying to talk gibberish to other parents and kids, Ellis called the cops and told them what was up, 2 hours later the cops call Ellis and essentially were like, “so, what were you saying again?” Rawdog thinks it’s because the police like to fuck with people and cherry pick calls, but Tully feels like they’re just busy fighting crime and shit. Also, there was some debate over whether Superman could impregnate a chick or the chick could even have the baby.

I’ve looked into the faces of Hell.

Some professional boxer came out of the closet and announced he was gay, and then he came on his trainer’s face. Okay, that last part was a complete lie, sorry ’bout that. People are now able to watch Big Fucking Mega Boat on, so go check that out if you wish. Lightening Train got put on the spot today, he’s charged with not answering phone’s enough, not correctly, and not at the right times. He had to come into the studio and take calls while the guys were there to witness, right away he fucked up the first call, which was about the movie “Gummo” and Ellis eating spaghetti in a bathtub. Remember the conjoined twins that were talked about yesterday? Of course you do, allegedly there’s a picture of them blowing a dude, and yes, it is photoshopped. Sounds like Shoebox really hated Rawdog at first, everyone gets along now way better, but nobody really bothers to disagree with Shoebox anymore because they don’t feel the ensuing fight would be worth it. Tully says he treats each D!D!D! performance as his last, because it has potential to be the final one.

Time for the reverse awards, listeners got to help suggest potential award categories and even some nominees for this year’s categories. There are a bunch of categories and a bunch of nominees, I’m not going to list them all out. Voting isn’t done, so you can still vote for all that shit until at least tomorrow’s show if not over the weekend. While drilling your mom one day, she wanted to get freaky and asked me to strangler her. I wasn’t really into it at first, but curiosity got the best of me. That’s when I found out which organ in the female body remains warm after death. My cock. OH!

Whatever it is that you are saying, it means nothing!

Show Re-cap For Thursday 8/9/2012

Whats up                                            thanks for coming back             funny as hell                      this one time I                                           then I told yer mum                                 funkin hell mother of a cunt                                    on the show today.                                      WILLLLL what about the government                                                  WILLLLLLL the radio is fucked up                                             That’s how the beginning of the show was, exciting shit right there. But as always, shit got fixed and everything got back on schedule. Right after shit got straight the guys mentioned a clip of a cam girl that Sir Bit Pimpington the Third sent them. She apparently broke down and started crying, but why let me tell you what happened when you can see it for yourself. For a brief moment there was a bit of good news admist all the futardedry, no callers. At least for a little while until Will and the Government fixed that too. Rawdog is apparently a slayer of rats, and accompanying him is Tully the Conqueror. But Rawdog the great had to get his roomie to get the rat out of the trap, Man Card suspended.

Chicks with scars are hot!

Another dude sent Ellis a video of a sick burnout, but I couldn’t find the link so I give you this instead. Creepy. Bloomin Onions aren’t Australian and fat people love them because they’re fat and they’re fat because they love Bloomin Onions. And lifes circle continues. Travis Pastrana (@TravisPastrana) and Jolene Van Vugt (@JoleneNitroGirl). Jolene talked about all the cool shit that most men don’t have the balls to do and how many times she’s been knocked the fuck out. After a little while Travis started talking and it seemed much less interesting, or sexy. But the main point is to check out Nitro Circus 3D, not featuring Andy Bell.

Is this where the bad man touched you?

I got really busy at work doing work like shit and the next thing I know is that I heard some dude was chowing beav on horse. After I cleaned up the mess that was once my lunch I heard a woman got strip searched on the side of the road. This bitch must have been up to some really shady shit because the officer even felt it necessary to “pull the plug.” After such a great story about how our officers are protecting the public from PMSing road raging bitches, they played Ellis Jeopardy. Again, Tuberculosis’s name was on the line and once again, he lost. Ladies and Gentalmen, please welcome Chad Kreuger infant holocaust.

I know you looked at their titty too, don’t deny it.

The community should start teaching the homeless people jui jitsu, one new move every day. Then they can protect us, or rob us easier. But it would still be trippy to see The Bag Lady put some dude in an arm bar for a sandwich. The rest of the show was mainly discussing the woman with two heads, actually the women with one body. Most importantly the public would like to know, if they fart who do you blame it on? Do they give great BJ’s? If you fuck them is it technically a threesome? Do they both get an O face? What if one wants anal and the other doesn’t? I think that these girls need to get their collective ass onto the show so that we may get answers. But either way, these girls still can’t suck more dicks at the same time as yer mum, OH!