Show re-cap for Tuesday 11/18/2014

You know what’s funny…I never remember my fucking password to get into this site. I mean…every goddamn week I have to try three times before I get it right. Maybe I just thrive on the pressure and the tidbit of adrenaline I feel when the little red text pops up that says I only have one more try before it locks me out for four hours. Or maybe…maybe I’m just too damn blonde for my own good. I totally got locked out once and had to switch my password. It was not awesome. But anyway….welcome to your Tuesday recap of The Jason Ellis Show brought to you by some twacky blonde with marginally large boobs and a wonderful ass (which got grabbed so many times at the HorseForce NYC show…you’re welcome guys…and girls ;)

Ellis is having penis problems! Dun dun dunnnnnnnn! No…not really…but lately more than ever Ellis has been noticing that his penis has a wide range of sizes. Ellis isn’t really off-put by his fluctuating penis size (he’s more perturbed by trying to say ‘fluctuate’ actually) but he has in fact noticed. Continue reading