Show Re-cap For Wednesday 5/2/2012

Sorry I’m late folks I got held up at the doctors office for my physical. Unfortunatly the office had incredibly shitty service so I had to go back and relisten to the show. Shout out to the new Sirius mobil app. Fortunately for me the doctor didn’t see any reason to check the ol skin chandelier which is a more than I can say for Rawdog and his fabulous roomate. Let me explain, Josh said he had a dream last night of a rather large, say man sized woman, giving him a handjob. Only a few days before he went on a super spectacular birthday bash with said roomie. Looking at the facts its not hard to see that two plus two equals HAAYYYYYYY! Jude was on the show again today and discussion turned to the ever so fantastic phenomenon, wet dreams, that is unless you do your own laundry. Ellis and Tully claimed to have never had a wet dream where as Jude had one while staying at a family members house and “murdered the sheets” with his load.

Junior Seao died and it is being investigated as a suicide, very sad news especially for the people of San Diego. The show turned to religious talk again, which turned to religious fanatics, turned to Afghanistan, then porn, then freaky Afghani bestiality and child porn. Apparently they’re not satisfied with good ol “wholesome” American porn. There was a bit of a teaser today for Worlds Greatest Wednesday but just as we attained full erection in preparation for the twitter raping, they pulled out leaving us with our dicks in our hand once again.

Ellis is starting to get into the Blues a bit, music not hockey, I know you Candians were thinking it. He got some suggestions for Lightnin’ Hopkins and Howlin’ Wolf, but no Muddy Waters or Blind Melon Chitlins. All these boys are so old they shit dust and fart rust, and also were the inspiration for modern day rock acts like Led Zepplin and others. Well, all but Blind Melon Chitlins, who famously sang a nice little ditty about chowin the beave.

Ellis cut out early today for a TV gig leaving us with the always great, Dog Center with Rawdog and Tully. Everything was going casual until our friend @sharkchucker reminded Tully that he has a 15 minute get out of work early card. And being the genius Tully is, he stayed, only to play that pile of shit Marlins song over and over. I think the only thing worse than that song is the noises that come from your mums flappy meat purse as she chases down the ice cream truck. OH!