Show Recap for Thursday 2/19/2015

Happy #ThrowBackThursday! Today I’m throwin it way back to a few hours ago when Ellis opened the show by looking into the hole after a strenuous tit workout that left his man boobs sore and hard as steel. But that;a what men do, workout their tits! The discussion somehow turned to Rocky and actors playing boxers playing athletes and not really being anything of the sort. Pretty much just a bunch of pussies with boxing gloves on. Tully’s bitch ass neighbor has a bunch of rocks in her yard and gets her panties in a 3no8oshtwist every time a single piece gets moved out of place, mainly because shes a mean old witch and Tully is trying to reinforce this with his own loin seed. someday this child will know that retaliation is a lot of work but in the end it is always worth it. If this is the only thing that Tully teaches his kid this will be it as he tramples through the mediocrity on his way to success. Or getting his ass kicked, whichever comes first. Continue reading