EM8: DanOD5 After Kicking All Kinds Of Asses

EllisMania 8. Beautiful DanOD5 surprises everyone (including his own hot mom) by beating his original opponent, the equally beautiful Alicia Leii. But the he goes balls deep when Tully steps in to fight him and once again, Pretty Dan was victorious! Handsome Dan has a hot mom, he’s got skills in the ring, and he banged a hot cougar in a hot tub at his apartment complex. He’s pretty much better looking & in better shape than anyone gave him credit for.

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Ellismania 8 Results – 7/14/12


Musical Chair Fight: Belly Dancer (?) defeats Ballerina (@Cogdeth) via split decision in the final.

Hot Dog vs. Taco: Hot Dog (@KevinKraftSucks AKA Cumtard) defeats Taco (@shit_toboggan) via TKO.


Big Bitch Fight: Lauren (@FacePlantLauren) defeats Shantanee (@Shanwize1) via split decision in a brutal fight.

Blindfolded Shock Collar Fight: ‘Dutch’ (@Dutch_RDS) is declared the winner.

Rawdog vs. Ruby Renegade: Ruby (@TheRealRubyR) defeats Rawdog (@RadioTFB) in a controversial unanimous decision.

Dan vs. Alicia: Dan (@DanOD5) defeated Alicia (@AliciaLeii ). After 3 rounds ‘The Incredible Hulk’ (@possiblyTully) entered the ring and Dan defeated Tully!


Danny vs. Dingo One-Armed Fight: Danny (@Dannykass) & Dingo (@theDingoinsnow) both declared winners.

Jason Ellis vs. Gabe Ruediger: Jason (@Ellismate) defeats Gabe (@gaberuediger) via 2nd Round KO!

Jason Ellis is also declared the Ellismania 8 MVP and wins the MVP trophy. Jason passes it off to the ‘Big Bitches’ for their epic fight.

Thanks to @Drklrdbill for tracking the results and all the fans on twitter that provided photos.

Bikini Pageants (Video)

Just a reminder that tomorrow, Friday July 13th, is the Ellismania 8 1st Annual Bikini Pageant and that it will be streamed live for FREE on Ellismania.com . The approximate start time is 2pm local time. Tune in!

To get fired up, let’s look back at J.Ellis judging the Hooters Pageant in Miami, FL last month. Enjoy!