Show Re-cap for Thursday 11/20/2014

“The truth needs to be told. No you are should interview me. I’m ready to tell all. ” – Jason Ellis

Ellis played soccer today with his kids at soccer practice and also with some of the other parents who didn’t look as old as Ellis but acted like they were way older. Jason and Tully talked about soccer a whole bunch and how it seems like every kid that’s not old enough to fuck is kicking a ball in a field somewhere. Soccer soccer soccer everyone has a boner No+Soccer+For+Me_9947f3_5185975about soccer, thanks England ya bunch of fucks! Is crap okay for kids to say? Can kids say crap without being crucified? in my opinion, yup, its O fucking K by me. Those little shits can say whatever fuckin shit comes outta their mouth, just so it’s not my kids. This topic drove the conversation to getting stuff off the internet, like the Vern Troyer blackout clip and Rich’s friend Ana Listing. Ellis is going to be in Austin tomorrow so if you’re there also you can find him somewhere and hang out. Want more info then don’t ask Ellis, just ask Austin Party Planner @JohnInAustin formerly known as @JohnInHouston. Continue reading