Ellis and onCam – What’s The Deal?

If you listen to the show on a regular (or even semi-regular) basis, you’ve no doubt heard Ellis mentioning “onCam”. He’s gone as far as trying to work it into the show as a bit, but that didn’t seem to work. So what’s the deal? Why does he keep mentioning this app? No cloak and dagger shit here, the answer is simple. Money. He’s endorsing the product, lending his name to it, and mentioning it on-air in hopes more people begin to use it. Ellis was probably approached with an endorsement and / or investment deal. I seem to remember several months ago, him mentioning a meeting about an app. OnCam was probably that meeting. Endorsement deals are nothing new for anyone high profile enough to warrant one, it’s certainly nothing out of the ordinary. That’s it. No big mystery. Continue reading

UFC 193: Dana & Ellis Approach The Possibility of A Rousey Loss

The date is November 10, 2015. Dana White calls into the show to discuss the upcoming UFC 193 bouts featuring Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm. Speaking on that subject, Ellis was on his best behavior and politely approached the possibility of a Holm win while Dana, also politically correct, tried to professionally answer the questions posed. Basically, the short story is both of them agreed that Holm had not only a legitimate chance against Rousey, but could potentially unseat the current (at that time) champion. Hindsight proved it to be true as Holm knocked out Rousey.

In layman terms, Ellis basically said he believes we’ll see a less “safe” Holm and he wants to see her live up to her hype, because he feels she’s been playing it safe – almost sandbagging. Dana agrees and goes even further to tell you that not only does Holm have more experience, but he thinks Holm presents a really good “test” for Rousey. So there you have it, straight from the horses’ mouths, previous to the fight.


Drunk Wallpapers

I’ve been drinking. And making wallpapers. Just fucking look at them.