Show Re-cap For Thursday 4/12/2012

Today is going to be a short one folks, I missed portions of the show (thanks work) and to be honest, I’m just feeling particularly lazy today. But that’s okay, there’s only three of us reading this anyway. According to Tully, Hall from Hall & Oates fame is a total cocksucker and he would tell him to his face. All this came about because Dr. Dre will be performing with a hologram of Nate Dogg at this years Coachella festival, he said he would rather see Hallogram & Oates – HEYOH!

Errbody is full of pharmaceuticals these days, there is a pill for pretty much everything now, but we already knew that. People are getting into the whole halftime America push-ups, quite a few people sent in photos of them doing push-ups in various locations. I wasn’t one of those people though. Tully coined a new term today, “cunting up”, like instead of manning up or womaning up. I like it, it rolls off the fist so easily. Tickets for Ellismania 8 go on sale tomorrow, so if you plan on going – I highly suggest purchasing a ticket, because you know, you’ll need a ticket to get in ya dum-dum. Welp, that’s all I got for you today. I know MOM! I’ll try to do better next time, stop calling me names! It hurts my feelings and sometimes I don’t think you love me very much. NO! Because I don’t want to and because I’m 37! I wish I was never born! Sorry guys, my mom was being a real bitch, cunting it up. I know you all understand, I mean considering how your mom makes you leave the house when she gets fisted. OH!