What’s Wrong With You?

There’s a new segment called “What’s Wrong With You?” where people ask if there is something wrong with them concerning a portion of their lives. To start it off, we hear from Wilson Pendarvis. He could be a passive / aggressive dick, or maybe he’s like the cowboy with shit on his mustache and just looking for love in all the wrong places?

Download (link to MP3)

Let’s not forget, this is the same segment where everyone first met, and fell in love with, our sweet, sweet Manny. He carries a burden on his shoulders only an angel could bare.

Everyone Wants A Ride On The Manny-Go-Round (3-25-2014)

The guys started a new signature segment called “What’s Wrong With You?” It’s a caller based segment, so how well it goes is based solely on the callers. A lot of them were entertaining, but one gem stood out from the crowd.

Things are real bad for a certain caller named Manny. Everyone falls in love with him – men and women – it’s a real problem. As soon as people meet him, they fall in love. And let’s face it, we all fell in love with Manny during his call, even Ellis & Tully. It’s unfortunate for Manny, but it’s a warm place in our heart for the rest of us.

Download (link to MP3)