Show re-cap for Tuesday 12/2/2014

Look guys…I got the day of the week right!!!! Woohoo!!! Yay for Jenny, she da bestest!!! *smears blood and semen on chest* Bloodmagic, motherfuckers, see what it can do!!!! Don’t worry, you’ll understand that in a few paragraphs, at which point I recommend returning to that sentence, reading it again, and laughing a bit at how awesome I am. Booms. For days.

Ellis and Tully open up the show today talking a little bit about the upcoming Ellismania 10: See Men Fight because even though it’s next year…it’s really only like two and a half months away. I mean, I know that when they got right into it I was like, ‘wtf…they’re already deep into talking about the logistics and the training and what it?’ But then the rational part of my brain (which was being a slow, lazy chunka grey matter today) was like, yo bitch…shits gonna be here before you even know it! Ellis is getting in to training mode because he’s feeling fat since he prolly weighs about five or so pounds heavier than he likes, and Tully is talking about who he should fight since Madchild is going to be on tour during EMX and therefore will be unavailable to scrap with our favorite Continue reading