Some Audio Highlights From Tuesday 11/25

Just a couple quickies here. First up, we all know and love how Ellis fucks up some words. That’s why there’s the Ellis English Dictionary! Here’s one of those special words that was uttered during a talk about a girl with vitiligo. Second up is only Dice’s Tweety Bird annunciation of “Hardcore”, because I find it funny. Third, is a “special” piece from Andrew Dice Clay’s childish name calling, which is so amateur that it’s actually fucking hilarious and I cannot seem to get enough of it. In the end, I could go into a whole diatribe about that interview, but I’m not going to bore you with that. At least not in this post. If you haven’t heard the entire interview yet, I recommend you go listen to that On Demand or on I’ve listened to it 3 times already and I keep gleaning more and more information out of the subtle nuances. There’s a story within a story within a story there. Give the clips below a listen. Continue reading

Show re-cap for Tuesday 11/25/2014

Jason Ellis is him, not you, and he knows that because he is him and you may not be quite knowing of that because you are you and may kind of want to be him, and you know what, he can only be happy as he is him and as he is him in certain pants. Am I right, ladies and gentleman? Boom. Big Daddy Jayce Cakes knows the pants that he’s happy in and he knows there are people that are happy in pants that are unlike his happy pants but that’s because society and life shapes us all into the types of pants that we like and that become our happy pants. So you, over there, be happy in your constant sweatpants because those are your happy pants and I will be over hear in my skinny jeans because these are my happy pants. I am not a person who wears sweatpants in public…sweatpants are not my happy pants. My ass is not fabulous and lusciously defined in sweatpants like they are in skinny jeans. But, we’re not really gonna talk about me and my fucking amazing ass, because Ellis isn’t talking about my ass (no matter how much he should be).  Tully is totally on board with what Ellis is saying about happy pants and extends it further to include hoodies because Tully Continue reading