Jason Ellis: Five Farty At 40 (Part Deuce?)

So the guys talked about celebrity farts caught on camera today, whether they were real or not, but more specifically, the latest alleged fart coming from Bindi Irwin. It wasn’t long before @Soccovitch came up with the idea for putting fake fart noises in on Ellis’ 540 At 40 video. I had to do it. I didn’t have much time as I was trying to speed home from work and get the video posted before the end of the show today. The video was processing on YouTube as the show ended. :( But that’s ok, they’ll see it, that’s all that really matters. So here it is.

Karaoke: Bob Marley

So a couple of the guys did some karaoke with Bob Marley today. Andrew was the numba one stunna as he went before Will. But as soon as Will joined in, the entire game changed and he ended up being the ultimate Marley. Here is Andrew and Will working their magic, with background Marley backtracking.

HateBean With A Piping Hot Side Dish

HateBean revealed one of the tracks he’s been working on lately. According to the master chef, this album will tell a story, and from this first revealed track – it sounds fucking awesome for you ear holes! I don’t know what the track is going to be called, but for now, I’m calling it “1 Is 1 (The Terrence Howard Math Theorem)”

Update: (October 7, 2015)
HateBean gave us a preview of another track with “dry” vocals. This one is about a guy named “Dirt Bones” who evicts his brother from his body – and once again, it’s already awesome, even with “dry” vocals. HATEBEAN is taking over!


Will Records Some New Intros

Will graced us with just one of his many talents, recording new intros for segments and bits. Listen to the master weave his web of awesome into working gems, soon to be used on the show. He comes in a little hot under the collar at first, but quickly cools himself down after a couple HateBean tracks and then efficiently knocks off intro after intro like the professional that he is.