Jason Ellis: Five Farty At 40 (Part Deuce?)

So the guys talked about celebrity farts caught on camera today, whether they were real or not, but more specifically, the latest alleged fart coming from Bindi Irwin. It wasn’t long before @Soccovitch came up with the idea for putting fake fart noises in on Ellis’ 540 At 40 video. I had to do it. I didn’t have much time as I was trying to speed home from work and get the video posted before the end of the show today. The video was processing on YouTube as the show ended. :( But that’s ok, they’ll see it, that’s all that really matters. So here it is.

Andrew DJ’s In The Morning

The guys have been taking turns prerecording themselves the previous night to be DJs in the morning. This Tuesday was supposed to be Will, Cumtard, & Andrew – however, they thought it would be funnier if they just stayed silent and left Andrew to battle his way through the breaks on his own. And they were right. While he may be a professional producer of radio, he clearly has difficulty behind the mic – which turns out to be a bonus for us all! Let’s listen in as Andrew painfully, yet hilariously, weaves his magic through the breaks.


Andrew connects with his audience by using terminology that they may consider familiar.