Show Re-cap For Wednesday 5/23/2012

Such an eventful Wednesday show think that I might find it hard to fit everything into todays re-cap, but here goes nothinng.  Somebody infiltrated the intro song with that shitacular Marlins song, Rawdog thought System of a Down was the biggest metal band when he was in high school (figures).  Ellis wants to get a head tattoo so from afar it would look like he has hair, new Goth rock sucks as much dick as old Goth rock, Tully likes his pork a little rare, and someone called in asking for advise with divorce at which point Tully and Josh took the reigns and after a rather heart felt discussion the show took a music break and returned with a best of show. Nobody is clear what happened or what went wrong, but we all wish the best for Jason and hope things get sorted out soon.

But dont be sad, I created a hashtag game that @bitPimps kicked off called #EllisFamRumors, enjoy.

@Hollow_NorCal Heard @bitPimps & @mike_in_canada are siamese twins who sit on thier couch and share a laptop. #EllisFamRumors

@Jack_The_Cunt #EllisFamRumors I’m not who I say I am. I’m not a cunt.

@bitPimps I heard @AZ_RedDragon recently started a new job, not driving trucks, but as “Tito” in the Chippendales Male Revue.

@Hollow_NorCal I heard @Dutch_RDS  was a spy. #EllisFamRumors

@biiPimps I heard @KimDultz runs a gang that reaches from Boise all the way to the other side of Boise. #EllisFamRumors

@bitPimps I heard @shit_toboggan won a “best customer / employee relationship” award. #EllisFamRumors

@cogdeth @bitPimps: I heard @cogdeth shot a man in Reno just to watch him eat pie. #EllisFamRumors” >~ no, but I DID climb fence in Vegas #OtherSide

@bitPimps I heard @mike_in_canada has pictures of his wang up on Brazzers. #EllisFamRumors

And the biggest #EllisFamRumor is that yer mum isn’t the massive gutter slut that we all think she is, but then again, its only a rumor, OH!

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