Show Re-Cap for Tuesday 10/7/2104

Alright boys and girls…I had all the best intentions of writing a full and good recap for you today because Tuesday is my new day off and that means that I should have oodles and oodles of time to listen to the show and be all writerly and creative, but it seems like the cast and crew of No You Are are having a run of bad luck between Bit’s water heater exploding, Shit’s being unable to get into Canada, and AZ’s monday going to shit, my day off turning into a non day off with a dessert of my laptop seemingly taking it’s final shit…I will be doing a super dialed in version of a recap that I will hopefully be able to edit on  Thursday in the AM before I go to work:

Ellis is old and his face is falling off

Big hairy men have the advantage in MMA because they’re more grippy and less slippy.

Jude is back from NY and may be pairing up with The Dingo for a one hour Thursday show.

Jude does Hyena readings and signings because he can read, Ellis doesn’t have to do the readings because he can’t read.

Black guys are the best boxers of all time.

ellis is getting his ass tattooed with a big Viking ship because he thinks that he is a Viking and wants to get his ass signatures covered up. Ass tattoos are supposed to hurt the worst of all the tattoos.

Sam and Anahita from Drew on Call on HLN are on the show today and they can not play jeopardy for shit. They also think that men want to be changed by women and yay for wolfscrub.

Ellismania 9.5 and Tour de Horse is getting closer and closer so get excited for some people to be bungeed together and fighting each other on stage and Horse Force motherfucker.

Ellis is having himself a birthday party at the Roosevelt tonight with a bunch of girls that are at his house.

Tully did new music Tuesday but called it something else and did it better than RD because he’s Tull and knows how to pitch even the shit to Ellis in a good way.

ellis reads a Pete the Cat book about magic sunglasses that are an obvious metaphor for drugs.

Final calls..yes Jetta is gone for good, things are cool between Christian and Ellis, and Cumtard still works for the show but they aren’t really talking right now.



Like I said…I’ll be able to update this half abortion of a recap Thursday morning so don’t hate me, just stay tuned!!!!!!


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