Show Re-Cap for Monday 10/6/2014

bitPimps’ water broke this weekend so beusing the super awesome guy I am i told him I’d cover his day. Then Monday got the best of me and my day went to shit. Here’s the gist of the show but if you can’t quite figure it out then come on back tomorrow after I add all the bells and whistles and nipple tassels. But for now you can’t have any pudding if you do t eat your meat.

Big show, tomorrow. If it sucks its Ellis’s fault. Ellis is divorced after 4 years finally. Ellis weekend alone, movies, knives, cat shit on the rug, pizzar, naps, and watching drag races (cars not dude lady’s). Bad food and ugly cross dressing dudes. Maybe it wasn’t a drag race with cars. UFC weekend recap. Romanian Russians fuck up the steam rooms and Tully has creepy look in de hole guy at his gym sauna.

Don’t forget about Horse Force. Wolf Scrub. Google auto complete but not with Google. Ellis saw a documentary about a podcast with a comedian who travels. Harmond. Ellis thinks he can travel the world. History with the Aussies.

My app skipped the beginning but Ellis was bitching about someone not paying taxes. A kid got arrested for holding up a store high on Meow Meow. Moto, Rockson, Poto, Dungee, Pastrana. Polar bear steals fishermans salmon. Random and final calls. Stoner Steve called in to talk about Meow Meow. A girl called claiming she cums 70 times with her bf. According to my calc.



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