Show Re-Cap for Tuesday 8/5/14

WELCOME BACK FOLKS!!! IT’S THE SHIT SHOW THAT KEEPS ON FUCKING HERE IN MY OFFICE TODAY!!! Everything from a comeback on a major engine job, to another engine job that the customer is on the fence about, to a 93 year old man who decided to tow his old Peugeot in to have us see why smoke is pouring out of it. A Peugeot for fuck’s sake! It’s like the French Ford Pinto!!! But I digress, cause these things are all really inconsequential to the fact that it’s almost lunch time and time for me to get some Aussie in my afternoon with the Jason Ellis show. Today’s show got underway with a reminder to stay focused and learn a little Spanish cause it could come in handy some day. The crocodile hunter wears a swamp camo wetsuit, not sure it really has anything to do with anything, but he did. He could surf too, with jungle boots on. He may be interesting, but probably not that cool to hang out with except in small doses. Jude stepped in for a bit to talk with the guys about democracy and capitalism and I should just keep my mouth shut about both of those cause this could quickly turn from a recap into a manifesto. Tully’s main point on it had to do with how many TV stations we have in America cause of a massive “free market” of avenues by which a company can sling bullshit at the public, and in other countries they try to put a bit of a cap on that sort of behavior. But hey, as long as you keep consuming, they’ll keep cranking out iJesse or whatever fucktard spray the TV feels like producing all over your face at any given time. Jason noticed, along with Jude, that Mexican immigrants are probably the number one consumers of public parks, due to having large families and a knack for grilling anywhere they might be allowed. Tully hates the beach cause he’s Irish and there’s too many god damn people in LA and definitely too many at the fucking beach cause mother fuckers act like it’s the only place where water has ever met dirt. Jude is kind of on the same team as Tully, and it goes double for boats cause the sun reflecting off the water would basically turn him into lobster tortellini in a matter of hours. When Jason went to Panama last year, he got hooked up on a boat tour by some dude who lives “off the coast” (translation: outside your jurisdiction) and does lots of meth and tries to give pills and gourmet lunches to the tourists that employ him. Unfortunately, their chef is a fat sweaty Mexican cokehead who can’t manage a simple ceviche. It just reminded Jason of Jeremiah Johnson and living in the middle of nowhere and right when Jude mentioned his mom’s cabin, Jason remembered a dream e had about shooting endless ropes of jizm.This of course got the guys talking about wet dreams. One time, Jude was sleeping at someone else’s house and the bed they put him in belonged to a 4 year old girl and in the worst possible coincidence, he shot a load in his sleep. The guys talked some more about capitalism and how it only works if you get the fuck off your ass and go drop a deuce in Alaska so you can game the system for a lifetime pension for owning property there. Jason and Jude talked a bit more about moving to the wilderness and Tully shat on it like he was trying to get a lifetime pension for owning property there. There was more talk of the beach cause the guys just couldn’t leave well enough alone with Tully and he doesn’t feel like cleansing his soul in raw sewage in the most polluted unnatural bodies of water on the west coast. Tully does seem to feed his personal hatred of humanity by watching the people at the beach, so hopefully having a child who demands beach vibes can keep him in his wonderful state of personality for years to come. Hot Dog peeked in to back Tully on his opinion that skin cancer and biohazardous ocean water is nowhere near as good as a kiddie pool full of margaritas with a TV nearby, and no one’s invited unless you invite them so if you feel like being naked, you don’t need to worry about David Hasselhoff telling you to cover your giblets. Sure, maybe you can’t surf in it, but you can drown out the incessant voices of rage that keep telling you to tear someone’s spine out and sodomize their children with it, like you get at the beach around spring break time. Jason is such a surfer that he could never imagine seeing a family at the beach only because the kid wanted to go and the parents are wishing that driving drunk wasn’t a bad idea so they could have brought a bigger handle of Seagram’s 7 with them. Tully delved into his home life and the fact that him and his wife probably own too much stuff that’s gray, gray furniture, gray clothes, gray cars, half-asian baby named gray, and all of that is probably why he hates sunshine and interacting with other members of the species. Jude likes having a lot of orange accents in his house and Tully is disgusted by it. Jason recapped his experience to Jude about getting waxed in studio yesterday and it sounds like everything is baby smooth and slightly swollen but otherwise perfectly happy with the results. The guys discussed who in the studio had the dirtiest asshole and the obvious answer was WILSON cause he’s just the kind of guy to shower with his pants on and not take off his t-shirt when he goes for a fap session. Will tried to deny it without giving any more in depth information, so it kind of confirms all our suspicions that the Hate Bean persona is not just an on-air character. The guys talked hip-hop for a bit and Jude reminded us all that he actually hates most of what it’s turned into these days, which I can’t really argue with cause autotune, Lil’ Wayne, MCA died, Flavor Of Love, MC Hammer’s reality show, et cetera. Jude sampled a few things for the guys and they seemed to like it for the most part, so it might not be all bad but I haven’t kept enough track of it all to know too much about it. The guys played a sample of a Die Antword song with some guy talking about aggressive man fucking and Jude seemed to appreciate it, even though I wish they would just stay in South Africa. There were some phone calls and stuff and the guys sampled some more songs that might be going into rotation on the show, like Cher’s “Believe”, which is sadly a modern classic and also the inspiration for every asshole that decided to use autotune. Jude stepped out to go do his show and the guys decided to play each other samples of the riffs they’ve cooked up for Horse Force which should sound surprisingly similar to Black Sabbath. Tully’s wouldn’t play from his iPhone for some reason, so they took a break to regroup and smash Steve Job’s crowning achievement of a mobile device in protest.


So, with all the talk of music, the guys put out a call to the fans for stuff they might want to play on the show or possible influences for Horse Force songs. Tully’s phone finally decided to play the riff he worked on and it is definitely a Sabbath riff for all intents and purposes. Remember that dildo that ICP gave to Kid Rock that he needed to give back to the court as part of a sexual harassment lawsuit? Well, he basically wrote back to the law firm that subpoenaed it that he doesn’t have it and you can go fuck yourselves, and while you’re at it, all your lawyer friends can fuck you too, and when you’re done with that, get fucked again, and then a little bit longer, and when THAT’S all over with, use the ocean of jizm from that endless fuck session as lube to slide yourselves into a missile casing and let the military fire you at Afghanistan or whatever other brown country we feel like subjugating this week. Cumtard saw the new “Gaurdians Of The Galaxy” movie this weekend, and the guys thought this would be a perfect opportunity to get another shocking movie review from him, this time with helium! After compiling the list of hot words, Cumtard told us all about the movie while being summarily tortured in a fashion only the Tard could abide by. Now, if you like hearing Kevin’s suffering, I must tell you that it really is better with a helium voice and the stipulation that he will be electrocuted for dancing or saying “please”. It surely loses some effect when you’re not watching it, but if you’ve seen Cumtard get electrocuted in person as I have, and you have an active imagination, it’s pretty easy to paint yourself a hilarious mental picture of just what’s going on when this happens. The sounds coming out of his mouth when he’s all heliumed up and being shocked are pretty fantastic, and while I can’t verify that there was dancing, I take it on good authority that he was cause they shocked him for it. Say, have you ever wondered about the bizarre genitalia of the animal kingdom? Cause the Jason Ellis show is here to educate you about it. The guys explored the many insane and religion-debunking marvels of animal fun bits, like the echidna, an Australian anteater type animal with a four headed cock! Or sharks and stingrays, who have barbs on their dicks, combining fucking and spear fishing like no other species on earth could. But wait, it gets worse, cause shark vaginas are a multipurpose organ containing all bits required for gestating eggs, urination and defecating! Flatworms have both male and female parts, but they will fight to the death to try and be the one to impregnate the other one first!!! Barnacles have the biggest cocks in all of the animal kingdom, a cock forty times their own length, like some sort of long rage semen harpoon. Octopi have detachable penises, CUE KING MISSILE! GOD DAMN I NEED TO RESTRING MY GUITAR, I EVEN HAVE AN ECHO PEDAL SO I CAN COVER THAT SONG PERFECTLY!!! There are insects which are known to have sex for 40 to 70 hours at a time and at some point their bodies will actually swap genitals cause the Christian god is a lie and our true lord and master is the great Satan!!! Enough about animal cocks though, cause over in New Jersey, an egg nog factory fucking exploded cause egg nog is apparently just too awesome to be contained in New Jersey. The guys talked for a bit about new offensive props to keep around the office (remember that giant black cock the size of a half gallon liquor bottle they used to have? I seent it, it was offensive. And hilarious) and they decided a huge rubber fist was probably a good contender. Since Cumtard is the guy most likely to bear the brunt of this object, the guys asked what he would most like to get hit by and a massive dick was exactly what he was hoping for, so that’s settled. The guys decided to take a break for Hot Dog to go get the massive cock and to get some phone callers lined up for a segment next up about the things you might not want the public to know about the place you work.


So, if you haven’t noticed lately, the show is very interested in the twitter accounts of Jaden and Willow Smith cause the shit they think up is just adorably terrifying, like a Hitler press conference about unicorns. After reading the insane ramblings of the Smith children, they decided to take a quick look at Willow Smith’s music video cause apparently there’s some lines in it about how she is the messiah or some such shit, cause people seem to have lost their appreciation for a good old fashioned assassination which I wouldn’t necessarily wish upon a teenager, but there’s some grown ups who cosign this kind of shit that should certainly get the fear of Satan put in them. They read some more of her Scientology inspired bullshit and those of us who don’t need anti-psychotics all had a good laugh. At this point, I feel like the Fresh Prince needs to exercise his pimp hand or something, cause this just doesn’t seem like the kind of thing he might let fly. Where’s that kid from West Philly, yo? Break a mothafucka off something, god damn. But hey, nobody’s dunking their kid head first in a bucket of paint thinner, so who am I to judge? The guys talked for a while about how Jada Pinkett-Smith is probably some sort of succubus or undercover assassin or something like that, cause it just seems like she would be the least expected person to tackle you and rip your larynx out. The boys turned to the phones to ask the listeners what it might be that the management doesn’t want the public to know about their company. The first caller used to go pick up hookers to deliver for the oil field workers and the workers would in turn pass the cost along to the higher ups at the oil company by using a hot shot driver for a quick delivery. Next guy said that at another oil field, the guys used to bury evidence before environmental and safety inspectors would show up for normal inspections (tell me again how big oil isn’t all kinds of crooked?). Next guy was a fuel delivery driver and would KNOWINGLY MIX THE HIGH GRADE AND MID GRADE FUELS TO MAKE THE MID GRADE STUFF!!! But more importantly, sometimes one of the tanks would be full and they just put premium in all three. Luckily for you, the consumer, pretty much every  gas station is a complete shit show, so chances are it doesn’t really matter much what you fill your tank with cause you’re likely not being charged the correct amount and that’s gotta pay off in your favor eventually! Next caller used to work for a car stereo place and at the particular shop he worked at, they would upsell all the top of the line equipment but install remanufactured units, which reminds me that assholes like this make every price shopping phone call I get a legitimate fit of paranoia about the industry I work in, cause some people are incompetent schyster assholes. Tully worked at a pretty high end restaurant, and as we all know, you don’t fuck with people that prepare your food, and that’s all I have to say about that. Next guy that called in worked on the upper level of the glass cieling of the oil industry and according to him, those mother fuckers are straight up scum, like this one time when a well exploded and the execs didn’t do shit but try to get one of the lower management folks to calculate up the bottom line for them (TELL ME AGAIN HOW BIG OIL ISN’T CROOKED AS FUCK!?!?!?!?!) Next caller worked at a tax prep agency and a lot of guys used to come in wasted and filthy and pissing themselves and basically, as long as nobody complained to the manager, nobody got fired. After that we heard from a guy who worked at a pizza shop and whenever they got an asshole customer they added extra oil to the dough to guarantee that the end user would have diarrhea. The guys talked for a while about how Jude Law is definitely going bald but he pulls it off really well and this got Ellis back to thinking about getting a wig so he can pretend to be John Travolta for a couple years just to fuck with everybody. Back to callers, next guy called to tell the guys about how he’s working underage and illegally for a fracking site and all the vehicles are unsafe to be on the road and he’s the one certifying them even though he isn’t old enough to get a license to drive, oh, and he’s handling hazardous materials all day too, cause big oil ain’t crooked as a tweaker’s cock or anything like that. Next caller worked at a car dealership where he got tapped by one of the service writers (my job) but had to reconsider because as part of the interview they asked him if he was comfortable intentionally lying to the customers to upsell shit that didn’t need to be done. On a personal note, I quit working at dealers after eight years, cause I like sleeping at night without being woken up by the night terrors of some old lady going homeless after paying $1100 in fluids that didn’t need to be done. Shout out to San Leandro Nissan Hyundai Kia, my last employer, I actually witnessed that on multiple occasions. There were more tales like this, leaking oil trucks that don’t get repaired, burying fracking chemicals, one guy called to say that at a cell phone repair shop he worked at, the technicians would routinely browse through any recovered data to see if there were nudes of the hot ladies that bring their phones in, but he got his one day when he found pictures of a girl getting HUMAN FECES rubbed all over her by her boyfriend like he was trying to get a lifetime pension for owning property there. They also found some home made clown porn too, so it’s not all terrifying? Tully has noticed a whistling noise coming from his toilet but hasn’t wanted to bother the landlords because they’re really polite old people so he decided to set an Onnit kettlebell on top of the float valve cause that stops the noise for some reason. On that note, let’s ponder the weird noises in our homes that could be fixed by setting something heavy on them.


MMA NEWS YA FUCKS! Remember that brawl between John Jones and Daniel Cormier that broke out at the weigh ins? Well, the state of Nevada and the UFC aare looking into how they’re gonna penalize the two guys for acting so unprofessionally. Also, remember last week when that one guy who was gonna make a comeback ended up shooting himself? Well, there’s pics of the injury floating around the internet, and from what I’m told, it looks like a self inflicted gunshot wound. Jason was talking to Jeremy McGrath on instagram lately and is thinking of how to get a Polaris for some short course dirt track racing while combining the WolfKnife clothing line and EllisMania, cause he sure as fuck ain’t winning on speed and skill alone, so there’s gotta be some really eye-catching shit at the merch tent. The guys kicked off a round of Ellis Jeopardy with contestants Tully, Cumtard and Hot Dog. As is usually the case with Ellis Jeopardy, the clues would require a deep, intimate, almost intra-colonic relationship with Jason Ellis, the kind only his long time co-host might have, but were hilarious as always. Before all that though, we got a recap of Sharknado 2 and if I still did drugs, I gotta believe that shit would be on repeat on my DVD player 24 hours a day cause it sounds like the greatest compilation of stupid bullshit that has ever been burned onto celluloid. In an interesting turn of questions about Sharknado 2, we came to learn that Cumtard spent a bit of time in college smoking crack. He once smoked so much crack, he paralyzed his hands and set off the dorm building fire alarms. Amazing the things we learn talking about Rob Ford and a tropical storm made of giant predatory fish, isn’t it? So, Ellis Jeopardy, a laugh riot as usual and in a surprise upset, the winner was Cumtard! the guys took a quick break and came back with some final calls on things and stuf, where stuff and things were explained and mused about with Jason and Tully. And before you forget, if you want to suggest some music for the guys to maybe put in rotation or possible influences for Horse Force, DON’T FUCKING TWEET IT CAUSE IT’S JUST TOO GOD DAMN HARD TO KEEP TRACK OF but you can email your suggestions to There was talk of pirate radio (the movie and the geurilla media trend of the 1970’s), and Steve Coogan (who was awesome in another movie called 24 Hour Party People about the birth of club music and the rise and fall of the band New Order), exercising, testosterone replacement therapy, and some other shit that I was only half paying attention too, but is valid and deserves our attention because we’re all Satan’s children and he loves us equally.


Red Dragons, Mother Fuckers ,,rr,

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