Show Re-Cap for Thursday 1/8/2015

Hey, you skanky motherfuckers! Hope you’re ready for a bullet-point edition of today’s recap, because I’m fucking exhausted, just got home from work, and, if I’m being honest, I’ve got a pretty little lady who needs my attention. Tell your mum she’s been replaced. Alright, let’s get this shit show on the road.

  • Ellis started off by talking about how fucked up it is that, in light of the whole Jon Jones thing, it’s apparently OK for fighters to snort coke, but not OK to smoke pot.
  • The guys started talking about cars and Tully mentioned that he thinks people should have different levels of licenses that restrict what type of vehicles they can drive. Here that, 17 year old rich girl in your Escalade that your daddy paid for? You’re getting downgraded to a Power Wheels Barbie Jeep.
  • A debate about podcasts versus radio shows started up and the bottom line was that radio is how you get REALLY big, but podcasts are certainly worth their weight.
  • During yesterday’s World’s Greatest Wednesday, no one voted for any of the rap/hip-hop artists for the best thing of the 90’s. This, naturally, means that everyone is a goddamn racist.
  • Cullen whipped up some new bumpers for the show featuring Will’s sister fucking exploits and Tully and Jude’s coke talk. All were immediately approved.
  • EllisMania is selling out at a record pace, so you better get your shit while you can. In case you needed extra incentive to come, Dr. Drew will officially be the cut man for the fights. Fuck yeah.
  • The guys talked about the fights some more and everything is shaping up to be the best EM yet.
  • A family in San Diego got some media attention for throwing a big party for their 18 year old daughter where they allowed all of the kids to drink and get shit-hammered.
  • Some potential EM10 fighters were looked at and, to no one’s surprise, nobody can fight to save their life. The long tradition of top-notch fighters for EllisMania continues.
  • The guys also went over the songs for TigerBox and the classics such as various D!D!D! hits, Crazy Train, Enter Sandman, Shits Fucked, and others will be played.
  • Brendan Schaub stopped by the show and somehow has yet to correct Ellis on constantly calling him “Brandon”. That shit drives me crazy.
  • Tons of fight talk, including Brendan’s career and CM Punk, took place.
  • Brendan was challenged to get Ellis into certain submissions within an allotted amount of time. If Brendan wins, he kicks Ellis. If not, Ellis kicks him. Ellis survived the first round, got his ass kicked in the second round, got crushed in the third round, and got rinsed in the fourth.
  • The last half hour of the show was filled with the guys talking about the future of Brendan’s podcast “The Fighter & The Kid”, Ellis’ progress in MMA, Brendan’s future in the UFC, and final calls.

Alright, that does it for today’s show. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have jiu jitsu of my own to practice. Later, bitches!

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