Show Re-Cap for Friday 1/9/2015

It’s my first recap of the year and what better way to start it than having an incomplete “will finish later” recap. So here you go, your Friday recap, or at least half of it.

Small fish are faster than big fish and Ellis wants to be towed by a fish underwater before he dies.
Whales are smart and fish are as smart as a plant Tully.
Mini Moto Mania plans at Medieval Times.
Pendarvis Kraft fight.


Dudes that take selfies Narcissistic, have psychopathic traits, and take twice as many as women.
Summer block buster trailers, Mad Max, San Andreas ft The Rock, Ant Man, Terminator Genesis,
Today in history 365 days since Castro has been seen, in 2030 there’s gonna be a train from LA to SF, a dude in India got paid, Huckabee has a cookbook that mentions Master P and Stone Cold Steve Austin, you can only fist the McGraw, Cosby threatened to rape a lady, a dude in Florida got impounded.
Callers with embarrassing stories.

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