Show Re-Cap for Monday 6/23/2014


When SXM keeps cutting out.

Here we go, bust out your to-do lists and start checking off that 1 thing you did and take stock of the 99 other things you have not done yet. Donald Schwartz is supposed to be filming and editing Friday’s show at the go-kart track, so you should be able to see that on at some point. Dingo promises to wait until 4PM or so to shut the event down, like he did last time when he purposely pulled a Nipplopolis and went the wrong way on the track. So else besides Dingo likes Steve Aoakley? EDC or CDC or BBC or something or another is selling more tickets than Coachella or some shit. Basically, Dingo had another very exciting and busy weekend filled with drinking and naps. Ellis has managed to work in 3 shits today already, Dingo did a little one, and Tully got ripped off with his shit today. Nobody feels good about a terrible shit. Did you know Christian James Hand took his scuba certification in the Hudson river? Yup. That’s pretty gross. My player kept cutting out so I’m kind of lost in all this. Some how this segues into when Ellis was younger, his dad had a panel van, all decked out that he’d take to panel van shows and look all cool with custom shag carpet and shit. Oh yeah, and his dad tried to teach the kids how to barefoot ski because real men do it barefoot. Something about Urijah Faber and taking skydiving to a whole new level with MMA while skydiving. I don’t know if I heard that right, but if I did, that sounds pretty fucking stupid.


Aubrey will rape your entire family just to get a workout in.

Aubrey Marcus called into the show today. He learned Ellis has already taken his 3 poo’s, had a cheat day yesterday, and has no nuts of the macadamia variety. So workout talk. Nothing helps you lose weight like long, protracted workouts. So what you want to do is do really short bursts of hardcore workout stuff then kind of go back to a normal, easier pace, and then do a hardcore burst again. You keep that cycle going and you’ll burn calories and lose weight like God himself came down and sucked the fat right out of your cock and tits. It’s all about abs and ass, abs and ass. Another, less healthy, and unattractive option could be anorexia, but I’m pretty sure nobody recommends that route. Most people take fish oil pills for the brain and insides, but Dingo used to put fish oil in his hair for awhile. I don’t know if that made his hair smarter or just smell like your mom’s vagina. So remember when @CrackerStacker6 tested out the speech jammer and tried rapping along to Put Your Balls On It? Go give it a listen if you haven’t heard, he also did a version of Target Practice that was hilarious as well. Well Tully asked Cullen to put his lyrics over the music track so they could let Dingo listen to it. It completely cracked everyone up and then it was time for Dingo to try to speak using the speech jammer. He fumbled around a bit, but was more like a woman about because he’d just stop and they’d have to prompt him to keep speaking.

Back from the break, it’s time to play the dating game – with a twist. Two of the three “suitors” will be using the speech jammer while answering the contestants questions. The suitors will be Nate Hotdog (not using the speech jammer), Cumtard, and Jetta, both of whom will be using the speech jammer. The contestant is retired porn star Kayla Paige. She likes a manly man, so of course all contestants offer up the fact that they have a hairy ass. Nate was coached by Ellis & Tully into talking about how big and veiny his cock is and how he wants to jam it in her butt. Basically, suitor #3, Nate Hotdog, increasingly got more and more vulgar until he was shitting a crystal ball into her ass while cumming. So who’d she up choosing? Suitor #1, Jetta. There was a ton of laughs during the segment and at one point Dingo fell out of his chair. On a side note, Kayla gets to go out on tour for 2 weeks with Limp Bizkit. You tell Ellis & Tully we’re biting their tongues to play nice and didn’t make any disparaging comments about the Bizkit.


Someone’s gonna get fingered!

What kind of shit have you killed? At what age? Did you feel bad about it? Are you a serial killer in training? Most all of us have killed something at least once in our lives, the difference is if you had a boner while you did it or not. So somebody, lord knows who, submitted a link to 16 Musicians Losing Their Shit On Stage, at approximately 1:13 PM CDT on June 19, 2014 that was on the show today. That’s not important though, what is important are the ones I think were the top 3: And those were Biggie Smalls getting pissed at his DJ, Billy Joel getting pissed at his band, and Michael Jackson getting pissed at Slash for his epic guitar solo. Give them all a watch, it’s pretty funny. Final calls time, what would you do if you were 1980’s Billy Joel for 1 day? Dingo might take a nap and then do a bunch of cocaine. But really, everyone would just get on a private jet, fuck Christie Brinkley, dump her off in Provo, Utah and then try to pick up a bunch more women to worship your Piano Man cock. And that’s all I got for ya, stay frosty!

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