Show Recap for Friday 1/17/2014

Why hello, I didn’t see you over there. Why don’t you pull up a chair and have a seat, I was just thinking about today’s Jason Ellis Show. Oh you missed it? Well let me tell you about it. The boys are broadcasting today from a magical place called Las Vegas during the ass ass titty titty ass titty ass festival otherwise known as the AVN Awards. To be more specific they are at The Hard Rock Hotel set up right in front of The Joint. Ellis forgot to bring his sleeping pills so he feels like a bag of microwaved dicks. None the less, the showbouncy+bouncy+bouncy.+animeniacs_64680c_3787511 must go on, and it did. The beginning of the show was mainly Ellis and Tully talking about the dick suckers, chronic masturbators, and pussy slayers that they see walking around. The first guest was Beatrice. She’s a nurse. She made out with Jason even though he has a cold, a bit irresponsible for a nurse in my opinion. Something else that Tully saw was two old lady’s selling something called the Magic Ball. It’s a bouncy ball that also has a dick on it. That way you can bounce and have things stuffed inside you. Fun times.
After the break the guys were joined by Little Stella Marie. She is a little person, a really little person, she’s a midget. And she’s, surprise surprise, a porn star. What we learned today is that she has a great sense of humor and a shallow vagina so she can only be half shafted. The next guest was the critically acclaimed porn actor Doug Benson. Okay I lied, he’s not critically acclaimed but he is on the show finally. Doug is no stranger to Wankfest and has been going for several years. They talked about porn stars, sober month, weed, Leonardo Dicaprio, and fucking fat chicks. The official porn star of The Jason Ellis Show, Joanna Angel, made her way to the coolest table of cool kids in the entire place to say hi and brag about how she turned her rockstar boyfriend into a porn star boyfriend. And we learned that he has small hands and a big dick, Joanna’s boyfriend, not Doug Benson, he has little hands and a little dick. He’s consistent. Speaking of small penis’s, Asphyxia stopped by too! But she just fell down and never said anything. It’s that kind is excitement you can expect here folks! Another thing you can expect is Asian girls with tiny vagina holes and stretchy buttholes.

Women, am I right!?! They’re talking about porn girls again. A woman in England is suing her divorce lawyer because he didn’t tell her she would no longer be married. Now they’re talking to a porn star again. And now they’re talking with Nicky Benz, you guessed it, a porn star. Starting to see a pattern yet? Here’s a new pattern, YouTube videos. Enjoy.

We came back with a new game called Who Gives A Shit About Porn Stars! And the answer is nobody. Much like Hollywood News, I am now refusing to write about them. So here’s a video.

Yup, still talking about porn, here ya go.

Back from and for a nice change of pace Tully admitted that this entire time he’s been farted on at least five different times today. Ellis told Doug how much he loves Katie and how therapy keeps him from killing everyone. Then they talked to a porn chick, Elizabeth Starr, who’s boobs are continuously growing and will probably kill her, and more walking dick warmers. Here’s another video.

This has been more than enough stories of dick sucking, anal, double and triple penetration, BD/SM, orgies, facials, gaping vagina holes, scat play, dildos, STDs, and masturbation for me, but it’s always nice visiting yer mum, OH!

Also check out Doug Benson’s new YouTube show at 4:15 pacific on Wednesdays at


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