Show Re-cap For Thursday 1/10/2013

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                             No Shit!

Ghosts aren’t real, wind is real, your mom loves anal, and people are dumb.  Now that’s outta the way, let’s welcome and old and new friend to the show, Rude Jude and Brockalina.  More to come on our new friend, but first lets get to the Pill Mix master and how he still ain’t got his $100 painting from back in like ’98.  He also used to know a dude that went to Old Country Buffet, ate a whole bunch of food n threw it up so he could eat more….which means nothing, but it did bring out Tully’s admission to being bulimic in 7th grade, and that he can fit a microphone knob in his mouth.  Anyways, let me introduce you to our newest friend Brockalina and how he she it can help you.  Next time you in the Hollywood area, you can feel free to blow Brockalina for cash prizes or maybe rent or money for meth, whatever ya need.  Of course no puking or no deal.  And what about the radio gold it may bring us?  But what if the radio was just mysteriously gone one day, well what would they do then?  Rawdog would just fall back on his trust fund, probably bang out a few podcasts to keep himself busy.  Tully is back to waiting tables and would try to co-write some more shit.  Jude’s just bummed about washing windows n selling shit.  And for Ellismate, well besides an announcing gig or some shit, its porn….with Dingo!




I don't even know what to say

Brockalina bitches!

Such a sexy bitch that Brockalina – It was almost known as “Oh-Gay Simpson” but the condom didn’t fit, zing!  Yeah that’s about as funny as the shock collar pictionary the fellas played.  Cumtard and Tully, who wrote the game and studied the cards beforehand, took on Ellis and Rawdog in a battle to the death…..just about, loser has to blow Brockalina, and were all ready benefiting from this fine specimen.  Can’t really recap the game in words, but I can tell you it was pretty fucking hilarious, and Tully shocked the shit out of Rawdog, to the point of near tears.  Rawdog was pissed, and obviously flustered and he and Ellis got their asses handed to them.  It was all suspect since Cumtard wrote the game, which involved pictures such as Jesus, shit, a guitar which wasn’t a fucking guitar, a Red Dragon and more.  But a loss is a loss and time to pay the piper, except that Rawdog weaseled his way into making Ellis face the same task, which kinda sounds fair when you think about it.  Ellis, being the fucking warlord he is, popped a cherry-mint rubber on ol’ Brockalina and took the whole fucking thing, lips to balls ya’ll, Red Pandas to you my friend!




While visiting

While visiting

Hometown News time fuckers, and whats Hollywood without Justin Timberlake droppin some fresh new shit?  Destiny’s Child is dropping some stale old shit.  Elton John‘s having another kid as is Rosie O’Donnell, too bad not with each other.  The Oscar Nominees are out and Big Fucking Mega Boat didn’t make anything this year, so I’m boycotting personally – you do what you want.  Check this shit out, Piers Morgan and Alex Jones having a good ol’ tea party type altercation.  Finally in Hollywood News, it’s time for Rawdog to take his turn pleasuring the beast.  Remember that time in band camp, when Rawdog fucked Sparky (Red Dragons) and used the same rubber twice?  Yeah well damn if he didn’t try to do it again and jump on the rubber Ellis was slobbing on.  Damn Rawdog, just damn.  He got a freshie on, and away young Josh went.  Not too bad this go around, better than the Reckoning thats for sure, but certainly a far cry from Young Wing’s earlier effort.  Then Josh Hill and Dirt Shark stopped by the studio….check out I guess, and shout out to Ricky Carmichael the GOAT.



Pest control down south

     Pest control down south

Austin Lee Westfall, a.k.a Chester Cheetah, is the fucktard of the week!  A close second was Byron, a fan of the show who stopped in to meet the crew.  Hi Rawdog, n Tully, and Mr. Ellis and holy shit who’s that?  Ah yes, Brockalina how could I forget.  Bryon will probably never forget today, but gotta give him credit as he took it like a fucking champ…and even made eye contact you creepy bastard.  So he got his little trip through the prize chamber to grab what he could and we all got to hear the wonderful stylings on Jizz Cult and his quiz on The South.  You just gotta go back and listen if you missed it, skip the moto dudes and jump straight to this.  From head cheese to carpet baggers, and lazy man loads to lube sandwiches, Tully just thought they all meant in the butt.  I mean really, doesn’t courting a coon’s ass sound like in the butt.  Or what does it mean to put goobers in your mouth, in the butt.  Pee-Wee Herman is the only person not born in the south apparently, which again in the butt just seems to be the right answer.  Did you know that Jizz Cult used to hunt gators n snapping turtles?  Anyways the winner was of course, Tully and his ‘in the butt’ strategy, go ahead champ!  I personally am going to adopt Tully’s strategy tonight and use the ‘in the butt’ strategy with your mom….and her mom, OH!




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