Show Re-cap For Monday 5/14/2012

So, sounds like I wasn’t the only one who had bad dreams last night. Ellis dreamed about the shit he did to his ex-wife, but she was doing it to him. And I dreamed about this weird lady that had melted flesh, wore a weird flesh mask, was part alien, peeled off a piece of her flesh mask and it bounced off the wall and floor into my mouth and was choking me to death. Fuckin weird, right? Speaking of fuckin weird, Sam Rubin (@samontv) from KTLA was on the show today. As you may or may not know, Ellis was on the morning KTLA and Reelz Hollywood Uncensored shows several weeks ago, and this time around they talked about Kelly LeBrock – the hot chick from the movie Weird Science. Yes, that one, from the mid 1980’s, and yes, she’s like 52 now. Just sayin’. She actually called into the fucking show while he was on air, so that seems pretty promising, I’d love to hear her interviewed by Ellis. Sam sure had a shitload to say, we’re talking 2 hours worth, he talks quick, had stories about Stern, Mel Gibson, and all kinds of entertainment industry gossip shit that I just couldn’t give two shits about – but if you’re into that stuff, it was probably a really good interview. He seemed like an alright guy and like he really enjoys and knows a lot about what he does.

Dingo was going to be on the show today, but he got some teeth removed at the dentists today so he was sore and didn’t think he’d be any good today – understandable. Some dude almost hit the Church of Haden’s Porsche, and by “hit” it seems it was more like “plow”, which I’m sure freaked Ellis out being that he’s borrowing THC’s ride. Funny enough, THC was listening to the show today and heard all the stories about his car almost getting crushed. He also commented about Sam’s interview and how candid and non-bullshit he is when interviewing actors & actresses for movies that are trash. Rawdog has a learning disability that he’s conveniently forgotten about, a non-verbal learning disorder, like reverse dyslexia. He read off a list of shit that it affects, and pretty much everything he listed applies to him. On a related note, doctors also found a new type of super virus that seems to be quickly spreading and so far there is no cure. It’s known as Y-MIG, or Your Mommy’s Infected Gash, and sure enough – you got it. OH!

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  1. Mother Fuckin fake ass juggalos. If you can’t juggle then how in the living shitdick are you gonna try to call yourself a juggalo. I’m getting that weird déjà vu feeling like I have made this point on here befor but it’s freaking valid. Missed a lot of this show but caught that boring ass roller disco DJ talk forever on the replay and holy shit I’m glad I didn’t give that a full 2 hours. But then again sitting through that wackety wack wack voice for 2 hours would have been better then drilling holes and getting nasty black fucking sludge grease all over myself, kinda resembled your moms discharge. I just feel I need to state I’m not an ICP fan, well I did like that song that went to the beat of sir mix a lot posse on broadway about dead bodies in a van but thats just cause that beat makes the girlies knees get weak….and I’m done showing u 3 how much of a fucking dork I really am Ahhh shit u guys already know. Good Shit AZ u fucking MackDaddy of Phoenix

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