Show Re-cap For Tuesday 3/20/2012

The show started out talking about how surprising Dr. Drew and Psycho Mike were, as in they were good guests and didn’t come off as dicks at all. Ellis also talked about how much he cares about the fans and he sometimes stresses out over helping and entertaining the fans. It’s nice to hear that he doesn’t forget about the fans, no matter how jilted of a lover you may be. Rawdog is officially deaf, he can’t hear his father’s Tweety Bird speech and now he can’t hear the word “cunt” when Mel Gibson was berating his chick. Rawdog is still kind of bummed out, he’s on Ellis’ payroll, but he still needs a roommate as his rent is $1600 per month. Jude recommended he get a part-time job like he had to do when he was on Jenny Jones and was a bathroom attendant at gay bar. That’s hustlin’ right there. The idea of Death! Death! Die! being Rawdog’s roommate was put forth and that immediately terrified Rawdog (probably for good reason) because he’ll come up to a lube room and Mötley Crüe playing on the stereo.

There was more talk about the movie “Big Fucking Mega-Boat” and ideas on the conflict between Ellis’ character and the boat itself. Sounds like Ellis may play a lifeguard and be afraid of rabbits, tentacles, and some other stuff I don’t remember. And the Big Fucking Mega-Boat itself will shoot smaller boats and whatever else it wants, pending on the fears it senses a person may have. And of course there will be jet ski stunts and shit, which I’m hoping look very similar in quality to the animated picture on the above right. It also sounds like Alison Eastwood is going to ask her dad, Clint Eastwood, if he would read a “It’s halftime America, for big fucking mega-boat” line for the movie as well.

And I think that pretty much covers it, and your mom, like when she’s in a bukkake scene. OH!

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