Show Re-cap For Friday 3/16/2012

Dingo On The SceneFrifuck. Fruckfri. Friarfucker. Frifist. Fritofri. Friday. There, got that out. It’s Friday, Friday, Friday and I don’t give a fuck, fuck, fuck. The week of March 26 will be vacation time for The Jason Ellis Show, so expect “best of” replays that week, unless of course they change the date. *BingoBangoBongo* That one earned me a one way ticket to the prize chamber. Sounds like the “Forgiven” worked for both Rawdog and Tully, so that’s pretty fuckin’ awesome, I’d try some of that shit. There was talk about making Friday’s a little more “Ellisy” by having Backbone (@CullenSaidThis), and/or Dingo (@TheDingoInSnow), and/or Rawdog (@RadioTFB) and/or maybe others like Jude (@rude_jude) doing a clip type show “The JiggaBididaBoo Show” in the morning before the Friday show. That be fuckin’ boss, like real boss hoss!

George Clooney, Kony, Gallagher, Ryan Sheckler, and women, am I right? Those were all things that were discussed on the show and that I won’t be re-capping here because it’s fucking Friday and I don’t give a fist. Google that shit if you’re really wondering, I’ll even help you out a bit See there? That’s me, helping you, to help yourself. Don’t say I don’t care or don’t try to help. They gave “Dude am I a slut?” a shot today since it’s in the afternoon and sluts don’t wake up before noon.

Some chick was blacked out and doing her boyfriend, her friend came in and boyfriend left because he was uncomfortable so she banged another dude. That’s right, every male’s fantasy and the subject of a zillion letters to Penthouse made this guy uncomfortable and he left. What. The. Fuck. And the clear champion of today’s segment was this chick that got face fucked in the Metal Mulisha RV while a couple of other dudes recorded it on their cell phone and let the dude splooge on her face. Then she was gonna fuck the guy in her car before an A7X concert so her friend stood outside the car, but they didn’t have condoms so she let him bang her in her ass.  I think those were probably the best stories out of all them so I’m not going to detail the others. Wait, no, there was a last minute entry. This chick fucked three dudes on her lunch break, they all came in a cup and she guzzled it down, I fink your mom is freaky. OH!

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