Show Re-cap For Monday 3/19/2012

So here we are, together, listening to the show. The first hour of the show, was just that, the first hour of the show. Seriously, there is absolutely nothing of importance to talk about for the first hour of the show, topics jumped all over the place but nothing going in depth. It was good and entertaining, but just jabber really. All I could really tell you is: Ellis feels great, ate a burger, Teggy has a massive head, and Dingo is there today.

Hour two, the first 20 minutes or so Dominick Cruz (@TheDomin8r) called into the show and talked a bit about TUF and Urijah Faber (@UrijahFaber) and how he feels the two of them have completely different mind-sets. He believes and has said Urijah is a salesman for himself and commented about how during the time they were picking their team members for the show, Urijah was commenting on peoples’ tattoos rather than paying attention and critiquing the subjects in an effort to improve the skill level of the subjects. And then there was a break and some pussy. Talk turned to the whackiest blowjob scenarios so when Ellis gets rich, he make a whacky blowjob video and sell it.

Hour three and four, Psycho Mike from Loveline was on. I stopped listening to Loveline during it’s second or third year and I have no fucking clue who this dude is. Dr. Drew came in as well for about 10 minutes or so and I’m only slightly more impressed, at least I know who he is. The cool part here is that when Dr. Drew first came in, things were crowded and somehow an energy drink got spilled on Rawdog’s laptop. If you remember, Rawdog was slamming on Dr. Drew, claiming he’s basically more into his own celebrity status, rather than he is in helping people. Dr. Drew also heard Rawdog’s dad’s speech impediment and called him Tweety Bird, which Rawdog still adamantly denies exists. Both actually turned out to be pretty good guests, and both of whom have allegedly helped curb your mother’s addiction to gaping but increase her addiction to cum. OH!

1 thought on “Show Re-cap For Monday 3/19/2012

  1. GrEat show, that mike dude seemed like a Real fan of the show. The Doc Drew rawdog situation was gold. But the wacky blowjob talk was off the chain (hAha Haven’t said off the chain in probably 5years, I’m bringing that back into my daily vocab) one thing the wacky BJ conversation did was prove that The callers can’t even shake twitters dick when it’s done pissing. Gotta say twitter destroys the callers on a lot random shit. AZ, Bit and mike the shit u guys came up with today just makes one assume u fuckers have had some awkwardly wacky blowjobs. I mean I can only assume these were personal experiences. And I also learned via twitter that Mrs Wolfman blows the Wolfman with ice in her mouth and that kicks ass, I wouldn’t expect anything else from that champion, well played Wolfey

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