Show Re-cap For Wednesday 2/8/2012

Ellis got an uncorrected proof copy of his book today, bound and all. The day when you receive your copy is getting closer, I think they said April 20th? Ellis also addressed yesterday’s awkward interview with that chick. I guess he told Cumtard that if the interview went bad, he should come in and get her out of the studio. Well, if you heard yesterday’s show – Cumtard never came in. Ellis also asked a question about dating a basketball player that supposedly came from Cumtard’s notes and I guess it was misinformation or something. That’s when the train started derailing. Although there seems to be a lot of “Cumtard” talk, Ellis says it is his own fault and he should’ve talked to her or taken more control of the situation. Anyway, who cares, let’s move on.

There was talk about potentially auctioning off spots in the musical chair fight, or other things, to help Sean (sp?) the tranny get a dick. And someone came up with the idea to auction off a night with @DanOD5, and he’s a fuckin’ ledge. He also got offered a free TV, some guys just get all the breaks. Tully brought in a celery soda for Rawdog. I’m sorry but it sounds fucking miserable, celery soda. Awesome, can I get some fish flavored ice cream with that and make the world’s shittiest float? Speaking of that, they all tried a bacon shake from Jack In The Box, which according to Rawdog tastes like a cold cut but everyone else seemed to reasonably enjoy it – with the exception of Dingo who demolished his all together.

Guess what? Nope. Care to guess again? Nope, you’re still wrong! Today is World’s Greatest Wednesday (and #WhitePeopleWednesday) so you know what that means right? Nope, wrong again. It means your Twitter got blowed the fuck up with suggestions for world’s greatest celebrity facial decomposition – which was suggested by none other than @mike_in_canada. Another piece of notable news, one week from today, WGW will determine the world’s greatest guitar solo, you can send in your suggestions to I was going to post the top 10 face melters from today’s WGW, but as soon as Pete Burns got nominated, it was over. He beat out honorable nominee’s such as Wayne Newton, Keith Richards, and Kenny Rogers. So shout out to that mess of a thing!

In other news, Jason “Mayhem” Miller (@mayhemmiller) thinks he might be able to get another shot at a fight in UFC (@UFC) if his fans tweet Dana White (@danawhite). So go ahead and do that if you want. Ellis also got tweeted by Dodge. He has been talking about getting a Dodge for several weeks now and guess what? Nope, man you’re wrong a lot. Dodge tweeted him, not sure why or what it may or may not mean, but they did.

And there you have it, gave it to ya as best I could. Who loves ya? Nope. Fuckin wrong again, what is it with you and being wrong all the time? Shit. Oh well, you can take comfort in the fact that I will help guide you, like your mother guides cocks into her eagerly awaiting mouth. OH!

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