Hard Hitting Questions

I know time is in very short supply for Ellis, Tully, and Rawdog, but I’m hoping they have enough time to field just a few questions. Let’s jump right in with the questions:


  1. Say Sirius XM offered you everything you wanted, money, paid staff, your own channel, etc. How much longer would you do radio before deciding to retire?
    (Update 02/17/2012: During a phone call with Ken Block, he said maybe in 4 or 5 years. It’s not a direct answer to this question, but close counts I suppose.)
  2. All your recent life issues are over, everything is perfect. However, during sex you now cum out of your nose instead of your penis. Do you stop having sex or just put up with it?


  1. Ellis retires early and you still don’t have full access to your trust fund. What will you do for work?
  2. The power grid fails, no microwave, no restaurants, etc. What will you be eating during this tragic time? And no relying on other people, you have to feed yourself.


  1. How exactly did you start in radio? Were you an intern? Did Cullen get you hooked up with Sirius XM?
  2. You and your wife have adopted Rawdog. He finds a mysterious oriental skull that transforms you into Rawdog, and he into you – just like in the movie Vice Versa. Except there is no fixing it or going back. How do you handle this situation, do you just live with it, kill Rawdog (who is in your old body), or just punch Mark McGrath out of frustration?

If you are reading this, thank you for taking time from your day to do so.

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