Show Re-cap For Friday 2/17/2012

Hey, hey, Tony Hawk here. Not really, it’s just me. I almost had ya didn’t I? No? Okay, well then let’s just move right into it shall we? No? AHH! You fucker, you got me! Good times, good times.

Live Friday morning show today! I assume it was because there was no live show yesterday. No real word on why there was no show yesterday, although during the call from Ken Block today, Ken asked Ellis when he plans on retiring from radio. Ellis said something to the effect of “I almost did yesterday” (paraphrasing there), so I guess maybe he was having a bad day. To answer Ken’s question about retirement, he also added maybe in like 4 to 5 years. Who knows if that is set in stone or not. Since he planned on taking Friday’s off until after his now canceled fight and the time slot change, maybe he just took off Thursday instead of Friday.

There was a lot of Chris Brown talk, a whole lot, like for an hour or so. He’s an uninteresting cocksucker so I’m not talking about him. Hey, here’s a David Lee Roth soundboard to play with though! As previously mentioned, Ken Block called in. They talked about Instagram, some other stuff, and then they watched a video of Ken Block spoofing himself with Nick Swardson as Ken Block, which is pretty funny. Godwar made an appearance today to lead unsuspecting winners to the prize chamber of doom. Turns out it was pretty difficult Godwar contest today, most people that called in couldn’t guess the answers. Matter of fact it got so bad it was just dead silent with the only sound being the fuzzy crackles of a bad phone connection.

ogreKyle Turley called into the show, he’s an ex-NFL player. Apparently he listens to the show, but called in to talk about how some dude got fired (technically “he left his position”) from a terrestrial radio show because he called some huge woman a Sasquatch or something along those lines. He wanted Ellis to talk about it to help get some publicity for the dude in hopes it could help turn around the current situation. Apparently the show is quite popular and a lot of people want the show back. The overall gist of the story is that terrestrial radio is what it is and has always been. It’s watered down, tamed, and very non-offensive. It’s meant to please everyone, which ironically ends up pleasing very few because it’s not “real talk”.

That’s pretty much exactly what happened on today’s show, minus the parts I didn’t talk about or totally embellished on. You do realize I do the same when I’m talking about your mother, right? Sometimes I leave things out and other times I totally leave them in – that’s how you were born. I left it in. OH!

Your Mom's Dildo

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  2. The end of show was one of the greatest ever. That nice lady called to give “advice” but then dropped a Howard comparison takeover that J just blew off, then in mid sentence he shot her. When on a very small ” what u gonna do about” rant. I spit my 1ee out laughing, shit was classic. But yea the woman beating talk was bringing me down. All that chris brown talk just made me wana come home and punch my wife

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