Show Re-Cap for Monday 9/15/2014


Dingo weighs in on Airbnb.

Hey sisters! How was your weekends? Guess what. That’s right, it’s Monday! You’re so smart. Now let’s see if you can wrap your head around this recap. So sounds like Jetta got canned, he no longer works for the show and I think he may have known the day would be coming. Dingo’s starting to look like an animal, with his hair on his head & his hair on his face. Ellis took a shit and vomited at the same time at 5:30 this morning, but he’s doing great and so is Dingo. So what caused the metal shit vomit episode? Dunno. Could’ve been Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles or the forced beer or a combo of both or maybe none of the above. Hey, Dingo was in Denver this weekend, on purpose, he wanted to be there. Smoking weed, visiting a grow room, scoping shit on Airbnb (which Tully has tried to use before), watching The Misfits (sans Glenn Danzig), in the Grenade RV, etc. Turns out this house they stayed in, they were being filmed by the creep who owned the place & who touched Dingo in a funny way. It sounds like a super sketchy time at Creepy McDaniels’ house of love, leaving Dingo to think that he’s done with Airbnb. Turns out one of his friends got scammed by someone on Airbnb. So if you’re keeping score, Airbnb experiences thus far have produced an uncomfortably creepy situation and a scam where someone lost money. You can piss out your ass, but it’s not really pee, it’s poo water. Tully took his kid swimming this weekend, his kid had to pee like 3 times in an hour, so there they are, waiting in the bathroom to pee. Some dude was standing there trying to piss with open sores and toenail fungus going all gnarly, so much fungus it looked like it connected two toenails. That was just on the left foot, right foot, same fucking deal. Fungal bridge on the toes. And here’s Tully walking all barefoot on the same ground as Fungal Man. Contrary to popular belief, Dingo did not save a life this weekend. So Ellis went racing UTVs this weekend, jumping this shit out of the UTV. Get this, he won his race, but he got disqualified because some 15-year-old and his entire family protested. Little shit took Ellis’ trophy, man!

Mayweather fight was this weekend, $75 fucking dollars for PPV and Tully’s wife wanted it, so they got it. And then she passed out in the 4th round. He’s the biggest draw in boxing, but everyone is losing interest in his fights, even gamblers in Vegas. Boxing talk went on for awhile and I kind of zoned out. Horse Force in New York tickets are on sale, if you can make it there, you should. MMA News time, Andrei Arlovski was back and knocked out Bigfoot Face Sliva. That was surprising all the way around because nobody even knew Arlovski was still around.


Dingo & Cumtard getting dominated was awesome!

Speaking of ass kickings, dominatrix Hudsy Hawn is in studio today to dominate Dingo. Immediately, Dingo was talking too much (surprise!) and almost got gagged. He got cropped and was told to kis Hudsy’s boots while saying “hello”. Hudsy rode Dingo like a horse. Dingo learned what CBT stood for, “cock & balls torture” which he got threatened with, he was completely unsexy about the entire thing. He got felony stopped and hand cuffed and we learned he uses his right hand to jerk off. He was stripped down to his underwear and started getting flogged and thanking his mistress for it while asking for another. He was told to wear some chapstick and sing “I wanna be loved by you…” and “I’m your Dingho Mistress Hudsy” and “Mistress, I’m your Dingho”. Several times Ellis had to tell him to shut up because he just keeps talking. The punishment? Mistress Hudsy stuffed his shorts in his mouth. He was taught his left from his right and made to crawl up on his mistresses lap where he received a paddling for each year of his life. Dingo was reduced to a female Elmer Fudd, almost in tears, begging and thanking for his whippings. Dingo got a little chubbed up from his experience. Which of course made Cumtard jealous, so he had to experience a couple of paddlings too. He was asked a couple questions and got a good paddling each time he answered, it was fucking hilarious to hear him scream how much he loves comic books and such. I’ll tell you this much, this dominatrix knows her shit, that’s for sure. You can tell she’s a professional at this shit. It was amazing. She had Cumtard going full tard and bringing him back just enough to start answering a question before he went full on tard again. He was forced to do some promos for show while the mistress helped him along. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was thoroughly entertained between laughing at Dingo & Cumtard and the dominatrix was actually super interesting.


Chicks love pig skin talk. That and shitting in a field of flowers.

Today is LGBT community center day, so if you’re interest you go to their website. I don’t know what it is because I didn’t get a chance to write it down. Some Chinese dude died from jerking off. He was donating sperm for the fourth time in the same day and didn’t come out for 2 hours. Staff found him slumped over, not trying to suck himself off, but dead. So after kicking off the football season with knocking out fiancees, it’s time for some NFL talk. Is the NFL evil? Do they support beating women? Are they motivated by money and Satan? It’s highly doubtful, but maybe. Anyway, this basically turned into a long discussion about beating women and how fucked up it is. Then we finally got to some NFL questions for Dingo & Ellis. It started off on real bright note about Adrian Peterson and child abuse! Jesus. Let’s try it again. Finally, finally, some NFL questions for Dingo & Ellis. Wait… here comes Will and now their talking about renaissance fairs. Let’s try it again, again. Finally, finally, finally some NFL questions for Dingo & Ellis. Nobody on the show knows shit about the NFL so they went around the room for a quick overview of what everyone knows about the NFL. Still no questions though. Let’s try it again, again, again. Finally, finally, finally, finally, some NFL questions for everyone except Tully. Here we go. It’s gonna come. Any minute now. Almost. Real soon. The first play of a game is called “the opening” what? Answer: Kick off. How many men on a team are on the field at all times? Answer: Eleven. There are 8 offensive positions, name as many positions as you can. Answer: I’ve gotta go sit in traffic so go Google that shit if you don’t know. I almost missed the remaining questions while I sat in traffic, so I hope you listened like I did – because I got nothing for ya.

Justin Bua and Urijah Faber called into the show. You may remember Ellis recently had kind of an awkward moment with Faber while at the TUF premiere. Sounds like things are all good, a little touch and go, but good. Faber still wants Ellis to be on his cartoon about fighting stories, but his cartoon character might have a tattoo on his neck of Urijah’s name. Fair enough. Oh, Dingo’s dad is in the green room. Dingo will be going to Australia on Wednesday, and Ellis bought plane tickets to go to Australia at some point too, so he can no longer back out of it. This lead us into the signature segment, “Come inside my third brown eye”, where Ellis interprets the dreams of listeners. Will got things started with his recent dream where he actually woke up screaming. He was in a reptile pet store and heard a loud crash, glass is everywhere and there’s a baby on the floor covered in snakes. This is where Will woke up screaming. The interpretation? Will is terrified that’s he’s going to fuck something up with the show or break something and all that responsibility is getting to him. Tully finished off the show with some interesting stats about the world and it sure made living in a developed country look just as appealing as it is. And that ends seals up the recap. Were you able to wrap your head around it? I hope so, because you won’t be able to ask your mom, she’s got her lips wrapped around my pee-pee. OH!

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