The Thrilla In Senim Silla

If you’re reading this, there’s no doubt you heard of Jude Angelini. You’re probably a fan of The Jason Ellis Show too. But are you a fan of the Foreally Show? How about a fan of Senim Silla or Binary Star? Well, if you’ve never heard of Ross (Senim Silla) or the Foreally Show, you should check it out. You’ll hear some familiar voices, and along with those familiar voices, you’re going to laugh and be entertained as Jude & Ross talk their way through pretty much any topic that might be on their minds at the moment. But what about the stuff they don’t talk about? Well, here is Ross to answer those questions.

Dad? Is that really you?

Dad? Is that really you?

How often have people on the street confused you with Darryl “DMC” McDaniels?
Not as often as I’d like. It’s a new one though. I get Will Smith semi regularly. Lenny Kravitz sometimes. It seems I’m pretty much interchangeable with every light-skin kat ever.

Jude recently mentioned to Jason Ellis that he’d like to have a show with you and Christian Hand on his new channel. Would you get Binary star back together to make a theme song for it?
Growing up a Hip Hop/Rap elitist, any kind of Rap used commercially, makes my skin crawl. To this day, I can’t stand seeing kats rap in commercials, tv, movies or even real-life most times. I think it’s because there’s such a thin line between good Rap and annoying-as-shit Rap. Anytime a kat recites a rhyme to me, it becomes a contestant for one of the worst experiences of my life. [And that’s including kats bussing my lyrics back to me]

When you’re teaching a young lady about hip-hop because you’re trying to get in her pants, do you ever just want to slap the bitch for not knowing the things you’re explaining to her?
I don’t use Hip Hop knowledge to get into drawls, it’s actually been proven to be the fastest
way to talk myself out of drawls. Because inevitably, some stupidity ensues that I feel like I have to correct. Not just for me but Hip Hop as a whole. Everything’s allgood until she says
“COMMON’s best album is ‘Like Water for Chocolate’ ” or “I think 2000’s Wu is better than 90’s Wu”

If you had to pick one fandom to exclusively be a part of for the rest of time (ie..never see a batman movie again if you go with The Hulk) which would it be and why?
That’s a damn good question. Can I choose all DC animated? I think I could live with just that. If not, and I have to choose one figure, I’d go with Batman. The batman universe is deep and out of all the comic book related offerings, it has been the most consistent on delivery. From all the animated series/movies to the live-action, dating back as far as the late 80’s.


Jude’s taking a piss, let’s talk about Gene.

I never would have thought to ask anyone this until you guys started talking about him, but what the fuck is Gene Hackman up to?
Unfortunately, there’s no new news on the guy but I can tell you that he turned down the lead roles in Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Your “I’ll bury the body for you” friend. There’s not a Tom Cruise movie he doesn’t love. You terrified for your life or you wondering exactly how far his gay goes?
I don’t understand the question.

Now that you’ve met Michael Tully, how long do you think before you sleep with his wife? And why do you hate Tully so much?
Well the questions need to be asked & answered by every dude that wants me to fuck his
wife. Lotta “depends” in that. 1. What’s his wife look like? 2. (If 1 looks good) I’d have to check with my wife to see if she’s willing to lead him along while I have relations with his wife. 3. Will I be drinking? 3a. How much time & effort is she willing to put into erecting a whiskey-dick?

As for my hate for Tully, I can’t say that much exists. I haven’t spent a whole lotta time with the man. He sat in on the Foreally Show briefly and other than his love of grape-flavored juice boxes, I couldn’t tell you much. I guess he might hate the British.

What’s it like being a sellout race traitor? No, but seriously, what are your thoughts about when people dog on you when Jude drops N bombs?
Nobody has ever said anything to me about Jude’s use of the word “nigga” or “nigger” or any variation thereof. I think real Black issues dwarf Jude rapping along with his favorite songs. There’s a lotta things that have fucked up Black America but Jude & the word “Nigger” aren’t on that list. We, the human race, have to stop giving Jude & the word “Nigger” so much power.

You’ve become increasingly skilled at talking on the mic in a radio/podcast setting. When did you realize that you used to say “you know what I’m sayin'” excessively? Is there anything else you do that you want to work on?
After the show became more popular, we received a few emails clowning me about it and that was when I first became cognizant of it and began trying to work out of it. Next, I’m going to work on these “Rights”. I also have to increase my threshold for negative comments it seems. The feedback you get in this radio/podcast shit can be like YouTube comments at times. And the way I’m wired, I always gotta respond to these assholes. So I’m going to work on that.

If cooked to perfection and served with your choice of sauce, do you think you could eat 96 ounces of Lord Sear to have your picture on the wall and win a t-shirt?
No. Comment.

There is a dude on The Jason Ellis Show who does crazy stunts, eating gross stuff, getting tortured, ya know, regular shit. Could you please make the nastiest jail pie you can dream up for that dude? What would be your choice to really grime up a jail pie?
I’d feed him the kind of shit we’d eat in Oakland County Jail. We had this shit we called
“Cathead”. Which was basically like a food loaf. It had meat product, bread & maybe some
potatoes in it. They’d smother it in the grossest gravy & serve it with green beans or corn. So I’d take that, add some ramen noodles and mix it all together with generic brand cheese wiz. Just like Mother Love makes. PS: Mother Love is a 6’5″ muscle-bound monster dressed in cut-off state-blue shorts and a tight-ass t-shirt tied in a knot to expose his stomach.

What is your vision for the podcast in the future? Would you like it to become more frequent, as in a daily show, or are you happy with the one a week setup?
We’re talking about this right now. We’d both like to do more but know we have to build with our growth. So we’re always thinking of more ways to add value to the show for our listeners. Also in October, we’re launching the show with BitTorrent as one of their bundles and plan to do a number of different things with that.

How is that visual element for the show coming along? Did you take that camera out of the box yet? Or are you gonna sell it and put the money towards a real camera?
Hahhahaa…still in the box. It sits near the foot of my bed, so I have to step around it when
going to bed and when I wake up. I now hate it and everything that has to do with DSLR

How many grammatical and/or spelling errors did you find in these questions?
There was only the one about the friend and hiding dead bodies while watching Tom Cruise movies. I didn’t know wtf that was asking.


Thanks to Ross for being cool as fuck and doing this Q & A session with us even though he barely knows us or how stupid we are. If you haven’t heard the Foreally Show yet, you really should – it’s pretty fuckin’ hilarious and entertaining. Ross & Jude are childhood friends, it’s like sitting in on a bullshit session with your best friends.

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