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Whether you’re a fan of Rude Jude (@rude_jude on Twitter or @onemorejude on Instagram), The All Out Show, The Jason Ellis Show, Jenny Jones, Detroit, Bathroom Attendants, Pills, or Ketamine… we’ve got you. Rude Jude agreed to answer some questions for his fans, no matter how relevant they may be. If you’re still reeling from the high you got off his book, Hyena, and need another taste, hopefully this will help satisfy your Judo craving. Afterall, he decided to do this for all of us fans.

hyenaYou worked hard to write and promote your own book, Hyena. Do you feel like it’s been worth your efforts? Do you have plans to, or would you write another book? And if so, would you do anything differently?
Dude I gotta tell you, I wouldn’t have done anything different. the self publishing rout is a lot of work and pretty stressful but worth it. These stories are 3-4 years old most of them and it took this long to edit them and put the book together and get the art work. But in the end, it’s all my vision, no compromise. I just couldn’t deal with some never been anywhere, suit motherfucker telling me what part of my life I could tell. So you work harder. My goal is to take the proven product somewhere bigger and have them push it.

I wanna keep writing but right now, I’m in sell mode. Sell sell sell sell. It’s using a completely different part of the brain. The idea of being creative…. I can’t even wrap my head around.

Which was the most difficult story in Hyena to write about (if any), or were there any you were afraid of writing due to possible backlash from family/friends?
It’s weird, certain stories would just hit me. I was writing Animal Planet which is just about how we grew up, how it was cool to dog girls and shit and how the chicks would try to get over on us too.

There’s this part in the story where I ask my homeboy why he let his girl dog him so bad, he says cuz he didn’t think he was good enough for anyone else. I write “I get it” and start welling up. like I’m about to cry off of “I get it.” That surprised me I didn’t plan on crying but I do get it, I understand not liking yourself and the shit you do because of it.

There are other stories in there like about my mom and dad that are pretty hard. Or when I’m writing about the shitty stuff I did to my ex that hit me in the heart….

As far as backlash one of my exes, i have two worth mentioning, one of them cut me off. She won’t talk to me. Surprisingly not the one I thought was gonna cut me off. I haven’t given it to my old man yet either. I’m kind of avoiding that. And he’s too cheap to buy it so I’m good for a while….. I almost put a smiley face after that last sentence.

What’s the most annoying assumption people make about you? Is it when fans are surprised to find out that you’re not black, when fans ask you about your “Jenny Jones” days, or something else?
Man I do well with people making the wrong assumptions, college mother fuckers think I’m dumb because of the way that I speak. Hood motherfuckers think that I’m lame because of the way that I look. And cops think that I’m sober because of the way that I dress. Let people underestimate you then do you and blow them away.

What would you say if Ellis got his own channel and offered you a show on it? Or if you were offered a spot on TJES, what would you say? And if you took the show to the Ellis channel, would you bring Lord Sear?
I’d love to do a talk show. I just like that pacing so much. Would I bring Sear? You ever hear me have a conversation with him?

judeNow that you’re out of Swinghouse and in the new studio, has anyone blown you in the new studio yet? And who is the hottest chick that works in the building?
Yeah. I got that out of the way pretty quick. It’s weird I did it just to do it. It was for the show. Like I had set some head precedent in every other studio and I just had to keep it going.To be honest with you, now that the book is out, I’ve been on some self reflective, sober, try not to fuck everything that moves kick and I kind of like it…. Hottest chick in the building? I gotta say, for being in LA, we work in one of the ugliest buildings ever. There’s some 45 year old secretary who’s got a big ass booty I like to look at, but her face looks like Gargamel (smurfs)

If you could have the choice of having anyone co-host your radio show for a week, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
I was gonna say somebody deep like Socrates or something but then I was like, that mother fucker doesn’t even know english… So….Richard Pryor. His comedy was honest and nasty…just like mine…. I didn’t realize it till now, but I guess I got some of my style from him.

If you had to commit to one sex position for the rest of your sex life… which would it be and why?
It seems like the chick on top would be the best for them so they could control the rhythm… but fuck that missionary with the legs stack so I could dig up in there and look her in the face at the same time.

Where do you stand on the whole girls wearing leggings as pants issue? For or against?
Um for for for. Have you seen that shit? Ass Ass Ass. What I’m against is these chicks showing up to the airport in their pajamas with a pillow. Bitch this ain’t slumber party, fuck your comfort. You’re in your 20s be a fuckin adult.

You said your last experience with PCP took a piece of you. Do you feel like you gained anything from it? And would you ever smoke that Sherm again?
It humbled me and gave me patience for myself and other people.

Why do you hate Tully so much? And could you take him in a fight?
I hate tully for the way he rolls his eyes when he telling me I’m wrong about something or an other. Can I take him? You see how I fared against the gay Mexican burglar? No.

Seeing as you’re a fan of reading sci-fi, what would you recommend a motherfucker read from the sci-fi genre?
I like the Name of the Wind Series.

You’re a romantic at heart. What would you want to say to the girl you keep dreaming of?
I’m sorry I figured it out so late.


Thanks to Jude for being such a good sport and taking the time to answer our ridiculous questions for his fans. If you haven’t already purchased his book, even if you’re not much of a reader, you should. It’s an easy, yet very a interesting read. It’s not hard to imagine Jude telling you the stories you’re reading, it’s written in his style. There’s a reason Jude was given his own show and was able to put out his own book in a grassroots style, the motherfucker’s good – plain and simple.

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