Sad Day in Canada

Anyone that follows me on Twitter (or was in close enough proximity for me to tell them) knows that today was the last time I’ll be able to listen to the Ellis Show live. No, it won’t be the last time I listen live ever in the history of the world, but it will be for the time being. I had to get a new job, and this one doesn’t allow me to rearrange my workload so that I can listen to the show 4 hours/day. HOW DARE THEY NOT PAY ME TO FUCK AROUND EVERY AFTERNOON – THIS IS BULLSHIT! Sad panda…

Anyway… Not being able to listen live is going to suck dick at being awesome. In fact, I’m actually pretty bummed about it. The idea of not being able to tweet in stupid ideas and comments to a live radio show may seem like a stupid thing to get upset over, but for me it was a great way to make a lot of people laugh and interact with a show I’m into.  I admit, I always love hearing “@mike_in_canada says… [nothing of value]” on the show but I was equally excited by the jokes the guys used without ever saying my name. Who knows how much they appreciated the jokes/bits I wrote for show, (I always imagined it went like “for fuck sakes Mike in Canada sent in another stupid idea, should we pity mention him?” hahahaha classic) but just knowing that they used something I wrote was always good enough for me.

The idea of contributing to my favorite radio show, live while it was happening, always amazed me and I’m going to miss doing it. What other show includes the fans as much as the Ellis Show does? None, sir. I think what Jason, Tully, and Rawdog do to interact with the fans is pretty wild and people should remember that more. There’s no show like it. So if anyone has a problem with me tweeting the jokes I would have normally said 4-5 hours late you’d better unfollow me, because I’ll be listening and daddy needs his fix. And to the person reading this, and the No You Are crew – enjoy the live show and remember: when they read your joke, you probably made 100,000s of people laugh – you lucky bastards.

Oh oh and lastly… Hey Bit, how ironic is it that the first thing I ever decide to write on NYA comes on the last day I get a live show. Mother fucker…


-a twelve year old girl

A Message To @mike_in_canada From @wiz1010

A Message To @mike_in_canada From The NYA Crew

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