Show Re-Cap for Thursday 5/16/2013

Welcome to No You Are and in case you got here by mistake let me introduce you. First off we have @bitPimps, the creator, the brain child of this wondrous monstrosity, second is myself  @Az_RedDragon, the good looking and funny one who has it all but still stays modest, then we have @wiz1010, @CrackerStacker6, and @shit_toboggan, a motley crew who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and together have the writing skills of the love child of Shakespeare and Steven King. Tully got a mystery message on Facebook chastising him for hating the Deftones, he doesn’t, but fuck it, lets just go with it anyway. Somebody brought up the topic of if the show should be on its own channel or on Howard’s channel or just leave it where it’s at? Everybody has their own opinions and reasons for those opinions, but if I’ve learned one thin it that opinions are like assholes, gay dudes love them. This morning was Music Appreciation Day with Tiger and he took a liking to Soulfly, probably because the little dude knows what they are saying. But none the less this made big daddy Jace cakes very proud and happy that he is getting away from the pansy ass flower sniffing music his mom likes. Juder McDuder stopped by allegedly high on alleged Ketamine and was having a fan-fucking-tastic time.

Pot news brought us the news of a farmer selling pigs that have only been fed pot seeds and stems and roots. He says it makes a better pig that is fatter and tastier and giggles all

Okay, he's not a fucking Porn Knight but you get the idea.

Okay, he’s not a fucking Porn Knight but you get the idea.

the time. Rawdog had to spin the wheel of doom for using the phrase YOLO (You Only Live Once until someone stabs you in the head for being a tard). He had to do the MMA Gauntlet and kicked ass! He is turning into a knight, a porn knight with a dick like a steed, slaying dragons and bitches and shit. After the physical assault on the Bush Baby the guys decided to play a game, the only problem was that they didn’t have a game, so they called upon the listeners and after a bunch of shit-tastic ideas they actually got three that were tolerable and possibly good. The first one was the game Faction Song Challenge where the guys had to guess the song or artist from the Faction playlist. Tully won with Josh second and Jason last. The next was Funny Bit From A Word That Will Picks. The guys got a word and they had to say something funny about the word. Tully won, Jason came in second, and Josh lost. The final game was Make A Song, and as expected Tully won, Jason got second, and Josh lost like a one legged man in a three legged race. Because he sucked so bad he had to spin the Wheel Of Doom again and he has to wear girl pants and press on nails for the rest of the day.

Some parking meter helper dudes are getting sued by the city for acting like a douche, it’s midget-basketballin the news. Then The Jason Ellis Show brought you NBA playoff info brought to you by Rawdog. Here is a summary of his report, Tenacious D, hold their load, 46% shots, top five players, Vancouver grizzlies got green cards, Clay Thompson with a k, red team vs dark blue team, Steve Bryant and Kobe Nash doing great. After that he talked about hockey and for the first time in the history of history, even Canadians didn’t want to listen to  the hockey news.

In Hollywood News Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are doing something I don’t care about, David Beckham retires as a soccer player and is now modeling underwear full time, look out Victoria’s Secret. Kanye West hit a street sign again or talked about it or something. Some lawyer is suing someone because Beyonce’s workout video ruined his bum bum and he can’t sit down. Somehow the conversation got turned to heroin and its sweet sweet sauce of love. In final calls we learned that if your brother fucks your fuck buddy don’t be all weird eiffeland Eiffel tower that shit bro, it’s not okay to have a relationship with your ex wife’s best friend but you can ram that box just for fun, and finally if anyone thinks heroin or Oxys are good then you didn’t listen to the last caller, Courtney Love, explain the difference. Speaking of strung out slam pigs, hows yer mum doing? I haven’t heard from her since I dropped her off at the McDonalds with five bucks and a warm belly, OH!

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