Show Re-cap For Monday 2/25/2013


You’re a monster, Oscar, a monster!

It’s Monday, the day after the Oscars! Whose feeling fabulous?! Yeah, me neither. The only thing I hate more than Hollywood gossip has to be Hollywood award shows. But, you know it’s gotta be addressed – especially since you saw Rawdog tweeting his little furry butt off Sunday night during the awards. Actually, I think that’s the most he’s ever tweeted. If you’re looking for more Oscar Awards talk, you’re in the wrong fuckin’ place, sister. You better sit your gash down and hit some other shitty website. It’s Tiger’s birthday today, have you wished him a happy birthday yet? Shame on you! Smooth segway into today’s first guest on the show, Ding-o-mate, pound for pound the smartest guy raising his feet while driving past a graveyard. He ate a bunch of shit and woke up to spew chunks and then go back to sleep, like an Australian version of a Roman in the vomitorium. That probably doesn’t make any sense. Ellis is back in therapy, sounds like he had himself a session today to up his game and shit, he also watched some porn this morning – dude had a busy morning so far. Rawdog went out on a fourth date this weekend with some little hussy, they went to a comedy show, had a few drinks, and got himself a kiss on the cheek for his efforts. Tully got eye raped by some weird dude that was coming out of the bathroom at the zoo.


Thug mantis is ready to rumble, motherfucker.

Is pollution shrinking our cocks? Could this explain a Chinese man’s pecker? Or is this pure bullshit? I don’t know, my cock & balls are cool. Dennis Bermudez called into the show today after his fight over the weekend, which made fight of the night and is contention for fight of the year. He’s got 7 stitches over his left eye, his right eye is almost swollen shut, and the rest of his head is busted up – but, like a fuckin’ warrior, dude sounded great on the horn. Ronda Rousey ended up beating Liz Carmouche, and apparently people really want to hump on Rousey and everyone agrees that Cormouche kinda looks like butt chin Urijah Faber. Sounds like the UFC is considering a new clothing rule for women’s MMA after Rousey’s titty almost popped out on several occasions, which I’m amazed we haven’t seen someone’s ass cheeks yet. There was some speculation on how much MMA fighters are getting paid versus other athletes such as boxers, and why aren’t the fighters getting paid more. Generally, everyone seems to agree that these fighters aren’t getting paid what they should be, but everyone also things those numbers will go up as the sport grows.


Lindsay, find her pretty much anywhere.

Ace Frehley is losing his home to foreclosure while Lindsay Lohan is in trouble again – no, seriously. Ron Jeremy on the other hand has been cleared to go back to torturing vagina’s with his disgusting dong. Kanye West won’t let Kim Kardashian sign autographs anymore, I’m not so sure it’s him teaching her to keep part of her life private as much as he’s embarrassed to be seen with her extra thick bacon coat. He say’s he also won’t be appearing on her shitty show, and it sounds like Kim might not even come back for her own shitty show. The League of Extraordinary Kid Rapers Church is once again getting slammed right in the proverbial asshole over allegations of a super priest wanting to do gay things with other priests, making them the gayest anti-gays on the fucking planet. Time to completely dumb all your stupid people and stupid rules and get in on something where fucking children isn’t the main issue among your peers.


Your mom’s spit cup.

Speaking of dick, Andy Dick just joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars, word on the street is he’ll be FABULOUS! Some dumbshit was saying The Offspring was potentially going to tour with Metallica, and that dumbshit needs to burn in hell. Some dude called in to say his pussy son (his words) got in a fight at school and wanted to know how he could be proud of his little girl without condoning fighting. Your mom called in to get a “Sweater Puppies” name. Everyone knew she meant “Wolfknives”, she’s a woman so we expect a certain level of thinking. Instead of giving her a name, they asked her if she knew the difference between her hippie ass and a hockey player. Of course she didn’t, so they told her that a hockey player takes a shower after 3 periods. Naturally, she didn’t get it. So they asked her if she heard the one about the child with AIDs? It never gets old. She didn’t get the joke, but she did pull out a picture of your little brother and sobbed, so that was still pretty funny. OH!

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