Show Re-cap For Wednesday 10/10/2012

I wrote for Love Connection, so neener, neener, neener!

Happy get your fuck on day, everybody! Mel Gibson might be a bit misunderstood, if not abusive, but he makes pretty great movies – such as “What Men Tell Women They Better Fucking Do, Or Else” – love that movie. Hey, it’s Ellis’ Australian birthday today, he’s 41. Did you wish him a happy birthday or even send him a nude photo of your boobs or moobs? Chicks look awkward when playing sports or guitars, it’s just a fact of the world. Tully and Will found some more old CDs of the show from 2007 or so, they listened to some of it after yesterday’s show and it sounds like Tully will go through and pick out some things he thinks Ellis and everyone else may enjoy listening to. Maybe this will be part of the “Best Of” we’ll be hearing next week while the show is on vacation?

And then Sam Ruben left the show.

KTLA’s Hollywood gossip dude, Sam Ruben, came on the show today saying he exchanged emails with Tully. Turns out it wasn’t Tully at all, it was Pendarvis that he emailed back and forth with, he was trying to get Ellis on his show after several people canceled on him. Sam seems like he totally does not respect anyone on the show except Ellis, he certainly was coming off as an elitist of sorts – at least that’s how I took it. Okay, Sam finally fucking left, which left oxygen for the rest of the guys to breathe and have a moment to say something. Man, that dude can talk, right?

Batman approves.

And then we get New Music Wednesday. Talk about a dick punch. Lightening Train got his shot to make an intro button to the segment, it was pretty terrible but hey, they can’t all be winners. All we can hope for now is that The Jingleberries tear him a new asshole when they make fun of his grunt pump noises. Are you an aspiring comedian? Want to be crucified some constructive criticism? Send in a clip of stand-up routine to for a shot at getting your shit played on the show. Remember that story Rawdog started last week, where he was talking about walking around NYC after the show? He made butt sects with some dude that night, at his sister’s bar. Okay, that’s not true at all, the real story is that two people recognized him and said “hi.” Cool story, bro. Another cool story is how I tricked your mom into showing me her tits. I asked her if she knew what kind of bees give milk. Boobees. OH!

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