Show Re-cap For Thursday 7/19/2012

Welcome to the smooth sultry sounds of today’s re-cap. It might be all that but it doesn’t hold a candle to Rawdog’s sexy voice. Tully made him use it and seduce him, and I don’t

¿Quién es este Van Halen hablas de?

know about the rest of you, but my pants were ankle bound in no time. Josh’s now regular lucha libre partner has never heard of some of the most iconic bands in my lifetime and for sake of time I will not rant about that. Instead I will wait until Josh unleash this epic ten song selection of “white boy” rock and see what she says, then I shall unleash the feathered hair fury! Ellis finally arrived, probably traffic again, and noticed that someone ate the fucking mint. WHO ATE THE FUCKING MINT! It was Jude, apparently he had a bad case of the zactlys and the mint was necessary at the time. He apologized and will promptly replace the fucking mint. Then I’m pretty sure they started talking about eating in the bathroom, the “bitchen.” I think my brain blocked this from itself because that’s fucking gross. The 5 second rule DOES NOT apply in the bitchen, it it falls, tough shit.


I used this hand!

The actor, Fred Willard was caught with his dick in hand at an adult movie theater and was arrested by a peeping tom cop who claimed he was “Jacking his rod.” What kind of a world do we live in when a man can’t watch porn in a public porn place and flog the bishop or pet the one eyed snake, wax the wood, butter the corn, choke the chicken, fumble your frank, hump your hand, flick your dick, whack your pud, shag your shank, shampoo the moose, wrestle with Jimmy, wait, what was I talking about? Oh well, moving on. Hey fatty, money you used to buy that double bacon four pounder you got a Shit Donalds King is going to support some sort of religious based, hate the different, owners and their charities. Enjoy.

CumTard came in the studio today. I think it was to talk a little about his fight with @Shit_Toboggan but it was probably just to give the guys another bag of pubes. He left after only a short time which was my favorite part of the segment. A tuna diver off the coast of Mexico wrestled and killed a great white shark. I have officially put this guy in the Hall of Manly Men for being the Manliest Man in the world. Take that Dos Equis guy! The Kottonmouth Kings came into the Swinghouse today promoting their new album. Instead of the straight forward boring interview, Ellis decided that they needed to play a game and the loser has to smoke the pubes that Kevin brought in. The game was created by Josh and much like the flaming plane crash that is associated with NMT, this was no different. He made a game that consisted of a number of brain teasers and tests. The KMK’s did suprisingly well and Tully and Ellis then had to smoke the crotch garden that was given earlier. It was a good appearance and they mentioned a few times that people should go to, they even mentioned that they will post video of Ellis and Tully smoking the pubie doobie.

Final calls were pretty standard and the “Matterdaddy” guy called in again. I think that i am starting to enjoy his persistence, he is truly dedicated to his shitty joke. Before I forget, Ellis will be on vacation next week, so plan your whining and bitching accordingly. Me on the other hand will have afternoons free to spend with yer mum, trying to figure out which wrist watch is mine that I found in her vagasaurus, OH!

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