Show Re-cap For Thursday 5/31/2012

Weclome to the Dog Center Re-Cap, and now its over. Back to the Jason Ellis Show re-cap. This re-cap is dedicated to the Ellis Show that was dedicated to Clint “Toughest Mother Fucker Alive” Eastwood who turned 82 today, happy birthday you bad ass mother fucker. Ellis let Devin play hookey for half a day to go to the beach and had an awesome time. Makes you remember that days like that stick with a kid forever, thats the first lesson. The second lesson is that pearls make oysters and are the strongest man who is scared, or somethin like that. Blame Tully. West Coast Customs hasn’t called Jason back yet and hes a little nervous but between you and me, I have a little insite on the A6K!

In the news, a woman caused a 30 minute traffic backup when she got out of her car and started vigerously masturbating. I can’t think of a better reason to be late for work. The Biggest Bitch Fight came back today, and after almost an hour of calls, the fight is set. Unfortunatly the names of both contestants were’nt mentioned, but I’m sure it will be a thunderous bout. Will brought in an old segment where Josh is warning about the dangers of robotic sex. It wasn’t bad, it was actually a little hard to tell then from now. But more inportantly, Josh had a second date, AND HE MADE OUT WITH HER! But theyr’e propbably broken up now. The general thought is that MC Bugaboo doesn’t know how to kiss, so Ellis is going to have a contest with Penthouse girls to see who is really better at making out. Secretly though, they just want to make out with hot chicks, don’t tell Penthouse.

There was more Canibal news, yum, and there’s going to be a jet ski party at whichever lake that Big Fucking Mega Boat will be filmed at. Final calls were rather good today, a gal called in saying that Ellis is an inspiration to her due to her horrific childhood and that she is greatful for making her laugh. But on the other end of the spectrum, Traniville Lector called in and was quite bland, slow, and rather disturbing which is a great way to end the show, and this re-cap. But it was nice of yor hairy bushed, flat chested, vagina slurping mom to call in, OH!

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