Show Re-cap For Wednesday 4/4/2012

I am back to grace you with my whimsical writings and often humorous tales of excitement, passion, and woe.  Now that the bullshit is out of the way, today was a busy show.  Everything started out with Ellis wanting to be a somersaulting moto dolphin saki or some shit, then there was mention of Ellis being on Fox and Friends.  From their conversation I’m pretty sure its not the Furry porno that I, never mind, moving on.

Then things turned into money and if its still masculine to make less than your wife.  The over all consensus is, fuck yeah. Then they got into the issue of dating a porn star which means all your shit is bought with dicks.  The cup your drinking out of, dicks.  The soap you wash your ass with, dicks. You get the idea.  Moving further on, Fred Durst isn’t a douche after all, he’s a SUPER DOUCHE.  Apparently after signing with his new label he kicked a couple long time band mates to the curb.  Too bad so sad.

There was talk about the EM8 fights, i didn’t hear it because my phone app is a piece of shit, but there was something about @shit_tobboggan fighting.  Then @mayhemmiller stopped by, did some shit, talked loud, said something about making sweet sweet love to his lady friends, then talked about jacking off.  Pretty typical Mayhem conversation.

@Donaldschultz stopped in for a Redbull and a tinkle. Best guest appearance ever.  After the confusion over the Schultz incident the boys started to come up with character names for Big Fucking Mega Boat and the phones and Twitter were flying.  There were too many names to mention and I will assume this took the place of Worlds Greatest Wednesday.

During final calls my mobile app once again took a shit and I was unable to listen to the rest of the show. I really wish Sirius would fix this issue because much like your mom, this app sucks massive donkey balls. OH!

1 thought on “Show Re-cap For Wednesday 4/4/2012

  1. BAck to the furry porn. I work with an autistic guy who is straight up rain man status who makes blatant homosexual remarks sometimes and who is into the furry lifestyle. The conversation has never turned into if he gets down in the furry suites or what not but u gotta assume that’s what’s up. He meets with this group every other weekend and goes to this huge furry or as he puts it “sub animal human species” convention in chicago. Well reason I’m bringing this up is he told me other day he is taking a week off to go meet up with this person in Milwaukee who he has meet via Internet. The rest of us in the shop think this will be the last time we see Claude. I will keep u guys posted.

    Yea I don’t think I could handle making a dick sandwich or eating dick lasagna. It would be difficult married to a porn chick. U know she ain’t fuckin u all porn style eighther that’s just like work. Ure getting lame sex and probly not even sex cause her vag is all destroyed from DP’ing all afternoon.

    Fuckin Sirius app, bunch of cockblockers. How fucking dare they do that to u AZ. I on other hand have a great working Sirius app. Almost to good it will let me go back and listen to shit that was playing befor I turned the app on. It never really fucks up on me and it allows me to catch the whole show as I walk around the shop. I keep my phone In the breast pocket Of my work shirt hahahahahaha…. breast, well I keep it In that pocket and play it loud enough for really only me to hear and I have been doing this since December and I’m starting to think about the whole cancer risk with this phone streaming satellite radio right next to the ol ticker for 2.5 hours. Anyone with any knowledge on this subject I would gladly appreciate feedbAck

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