Show Re-cap For Thursday 4/5/2012

Today started out with a bang, Ellis broke up with his girlfriend.  Please let me know if you are surprised by this, I believe there is a short bus and helmet waiting for you.  Jason also came to an emotional realization about himself and Andrea.  I would tell you more, but I won’t because I missed part of it. (Notice a theme here.)  After all the emotional babble they started talking about shitty music, mainly Radio Head.  One would assume that RawDog would be the go-to guy for this topic.  You would be wrong.  Not only does Josh like shitty music, he thinks good music is shitty.  Wow, wrap your head around that one.

Then they got onto the subject of John Travolta and that hes a good dancer or some shit.  But much more importantly, the worlds biggest fan of The Jason Ellis Show called in.  Honestly, I almost pissed myself.  This “fan” thought he must have been talking to the call screener, sorry, call screeners. All three of them.  Had quite a lengthy conversation and even saying how he could recognize the crew in a restaurant just by their voices alone.  I wish I had the transcript, this was the definition of radio gold.  A must listen tomorrow morning.

Ferdinand Porsche died, raided New York, has lazer eyes.  Jim Marshall of Marshall Amps also died, or maybe the Marshall clothing store guy.  I’m not sure, I should ask RawDog.  Then Jeremy Williams and Gangie (probably butchered the shit out of that name) from Fortune Gym stopped by.  Jeremy is going to give Josh boxing lessons so he can kick some cunt and everyone can see titty.  What more inspiration do you need.  Then they talked about some shit I don’t want to get into so moving along.

Schultz came in again, probably had to pee but he stayed a while this time.  They talked about go-karts and the Big Fucking Mega Boat movie.  Then Donald left, again.  The boys took calls from the listeners and got some pretty good ideas, and a lot of really bad ideas.  The general thought is, MORE BOOBIES.  Can’t go wrong with that.

Then they played a base ball trivia game with ball clamps and the RC car. I’m sure you know how the game went with Jason and Josh’s extensive knowledge of sports. And then it was the usual final calls time.  “Jason your great” “Cum Guvenah” “Can I talk to Ellis” “My 5 month old son lost 70 pounds listening to your show” the usual stuff.  The only thing more usual is the excitement of the horses when your mom goes to the stables, OH!

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