Show Re-cap For Monday 2/6/2012

The Super Bowl is over and I ain’t saying shit about it, you’ve no doubt already heard everyone talking about it already. I think Cumtard might have been crying or at least emotional – and not the kind of emotional when you have to shit really badly. He said he didn’t feel that great, body hurts, eyes hurt, etc. He might be sad about that one slut he was trying to go out on a date with, apparently she just keeps turning him down and blowing him off. Surprise!

Demi Moore is still in rehab for whip-its. That’s about as gangster as getting gum stuck in your hair. Oh, and apparently at some point she’s had plastic surgery on her knees, you know – to give them a lift. Talk turned to whose hotter, Demi or Madonna. I’m gonna say Demi because Madonna is starting to look like the Cryptkeeper. It has also been revealed that the hot Italian chick @DanOD5 ran into in the hot tub, is in film school. I say she’s going to want to film them having sex and he’ll end up on PornHub in 30 to 60 days.

Roseanne Barr is running for President? I guess if you’re into cheese subsidies and fat old woman farts, then by all means – vote for her. This has to be a joke though, right? More interestingly, there was more talk about Jack The Cunt. Unfortunately there won’t be a release for any Jack The Cunt songs, but fortunately for us there is CobraTits! There you can hear Jack The Cunt and Aussie Country to your hearts content. And get this, Germany has bestiality brothels. Yup, you read that right – bestiality brothels. Way to push yourselves to the forefront Germany!

I think that about does it, don’t you? I mean really, what more do you want? Look, I try to satisfy you, but lets face it – we all can’t put out as much your mom. OH!

1 thought on “Show Re-cap For Monday 2/6/2012

  1. The strangler puts his 10 bucks on day 42. Day 42 is when good ol Danny boy goes in2 the hall of fame that is porn hub and shows all of us what we have been doing wrong. The crypt keeper reference is so spot on that I’m still laughing 14 hours later. Cee lo resembles a eewac from star wars, I can’t get over it, he’s like a ghetto eewac(however u spell that). And another good part of this show was the handjob rawdog got from dingo, very entertaining Viva la Grenade

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