Show Re-cap For Monday 2/27/2012

Silence of the RawdogIt’s fucking Monday and holy shit, everyone sure loves watching and talking about the god damned Oscars. Well fuck that shit, not here. Not in this dojo, motherfucker! More importantly, Rawdog lost his bet with Ellis and so now he must Silence of the Lambs himself (tuck wiener and balls in his ass) while holding an umbrella. Low-and-behold, Rumble McTumble did not disappoint, here is Ellis’ angle and here is Dingo’s shot. What a fucking legend that dude is.

There was some talk about grass today. No, not marijuana – but actual grass, like the kind that make lawns and golf courses. Specifically, is Kentucky bluegrass really blue or have a blue tinge to it? Survey says, who gives a rats ass. There was a speed dating contest today where Dan, Cumtard, and Rawdog have to pretend to be on a speed date with Ellis’ girlfriend (@UnderwearWolf). I’m just gonna come right out and say it, Dan didn’t seem to do too well, or at least not as good as one might think he would do. Next up was Cumtard, Katie seemed to slice and dice him up immediately, she was not into him in the least, asking if he lacked confidence and he sure as shit is. And lastly was Rawdog, he clearly did the best and he pretty much verbally banged her and then dumped her.

More new dates for EllisMania 8 have been proposed, June 2nd, June 16th, or June 23rd depending on which is better and it sounds like it might be June 23rd, unless of course that changes. Plus it’s Danzig’s birthday so that’s pretty gangster.

So there you have it, that’s all for today’s show. Next up, the show your mother performs in, “Fuck My Face In The Rest Area Bathroom” and a Q and A on how she manages to swallow so many loads. OH!

(Update 2/28/2012): I’m not sure how I forgot to use this chance to post this, but I did. Anyway, you should check out the video below, it’s from Greens Keepers and was inspired by The Silence of the Lambs.

3 thoughts on “Show Re-cap For Monday 2/27/2012

  1. YOu wana know the most adorable thing in the world?….huh?huh? That would be JagerBeard passed out in the passenger seat of dingos truck on the way back from tony hawks place while some random dubstep is blaring out of the speakers. I bet josh made it through maybe half the doobie dingo rolled for the drive. That’s a backseat I would have loved to be in.

    I cracked up when dingo talked about how josh snoozed like a baby that drive. Also the silence of the lamb shit was 2funny. I have been thinking about that movie since and am going to have to watch it here in the near future. It’s funny how tully asked about getting that song that’s playing in the movie. Please tully, I bet u just went out to the car and hit eject on your CD player. U totally have the same taste in music as buffalo bill. That was my 1st tweet ever mentioned on the show. That day josh,tully and cumtard got to pic 3songs. All of tullys pics reminded me of that song in silence.

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