Show Re-Cap for Thursday 6/18/2015

Thursday recap

Cody getting sex change.
Don’t sit around waiting for things to happen or you’ll get fucked by a dog.
Tiger having bad dreams Ellis Tully parenting tips.
Ellis terracross next thurs and Fri.
Ellis going on Drew talk about SC shooting.
Send your titties to @tullywood and your dick pics to @YerMum

A place in Virginia is enforcing a law prohibiting lude language.
Eroticless erotic fiction: constipation, tampons, grandmothers on the toilet, (Emilia the pig farming slut book writer) mcnugget pink slime, hammeroid, head trauma, used fleshlight, lies ions, old homeless guy, white guys with dreds.

Ellis not on Drew.
Maryland woman got complaint about relentlessly gay yard now striving to make it even more relentlessly gay.
Wills news by Kevin, Tigers, toe wrestling, Kentucky Fried Rats, Gay burgers from Japan, Etsy will no longer sell fake shit, FCC fining ATT,

Aussie news, judge said woman can’t breastfeed because of tattoo.
Heroine is bad mnkay.
Ellis is new morning DJ on faction.