Show Re-Cap for Wednesday 5/13/2015

Welcome to the “I’m too busy to do this right so I’m half assing it” Wesnesday recap. I apologize but then again if you’re the kind of person who prefers fully assed recaps then you’re probably new here and I welcome you to our half assed site.

Ellis fucked himself. With his dick. In his butt. He didn’t cum but told himself that it wasn’t him, it was him. He understood but was still a little hurt and disappointed.

Dingo thinks J is dark like Cobaine but less heroiney.

We don’t get Caucasian Day because Kevin Costner makes Mexican kids run and pick vegetables.

Ron really enjoyed the Town Hall Interview of Ronda Rousey hosted by Jason Ellis and he also enjoyed Howard Sterns interview with Ronda.

Ronda Rhonda Rondah Rondha Rhondah Rhondhah Rondhah

Ever wonder what Michael Jackson sounded like when he was burying the bone?

Woman Am I Right, Australian woman set a dudes car on fire at a gas station, A woman called in a bomb threat to the Navy so she could get a ride, a Florida girl shit in a cop car, an English woman is titty feeding her dog, a bitch set fire to her yoga studio because her instructor kept hitting on her, and a bunch of other fucked up shit fucked up bitches have done.

Aubrey Marcus of came in to tell us all about the new shit from that’ll help turn fat slobs into vagina destroying machines. Even the women!

Ellis, Tully, Katie, Andrew, and Kevin worked out. It was disturbing, like listening to a gangbang video.

Gettin high and doin shit. They talked about it, a lot. I don’t know how else I can explain it to be more entertaining.

The Arby’s logo looks like a smash box to Katie.

And then there were final calls, except I missed them because I was busy. Busy with yer mum, and Katie’s right, her snooch does look like the Arby’s logo on top of its restaurants. It’s about the same size too, OH!

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